April – Dreams

By | 21st April 2017

I had a novel idea earlier this year. After the obligatory over-eating of cheese over the Christmas and New Year period, I found myself having some very vivid ‘cheese dreams’. You know the ones; the dreams you bore your spouse with in the morning, “You were there, but it wasn’t you…” and that sort of Read more

March – Easter Egg Hunt

By | 20th March 2017

It’s nearly time for the Easter Bunny to do his annual rounds; dropping oval goodies into our bare baskets. So what better time of year is there to an Easter Egg hunt?! Probably none. There are few childhood memories I cherish quite like scouring my parents’ pad for sweet surprises. Though one did always get Read more

How to make a texture triptych

By | 7th February 2017

We have another guest blog from Rachael today – this time, we are giving some advice on how to brighten up those walls with a stunning idea for your photographs with a quick how to on making a triptych, using textured photograhs. Was redecorating your house on your New Year’s Resolution list? In which case, Read more

February Photo Challenge – Red

By | 31st January 2017

We are celebrating the LOVE this month with our fabulous Valentines photo gift guide, a dedicated section on our site for Valentines photo products and now, we are going to pay homage to “love” with our photo challenge. As you can see, we have decided to widen the theme a little so that we can Read more

Valentines Day Photo Gift Ideas

By | 16th January 2017

“Every day I love you, but today you get flowers.” As Valentine’s Day draws near, it is difficult not to feel the overwhelming pressure to spoil our loved ones with lavish gifts and pricey trinkets. Just remember, it’s often the small, meaningful gestures that mean the most to our significant others. At least, what’s what Read more