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    The One That Nearly Got Away

    This is a true story. Honestly. It might sound unbelievable, but it happened. It really did. And it happened on a day just like any other day. A work day. But not just any work. Work at the cutting-edge of modern photo printing. A wonder-filled…

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    It’s Time to Say “Goodbye”

    But, before we do, say “Truprint“. Go on. Try it. “Truprint“. In fact, strike a pose. Your best pose. Hold it. Smile wide. Now say it. “Truprint“. Bring back any memories? What about “Free film every time“? Try that instead. “Free film every time”. Ring…

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    #TruePhotos: A Round-Up of our Favourite Pics

    For the past two weeks, we’ve been encouraging our lovely fans, followers and customers to share their #truephotos on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The results? Thousands of unfiltered, unrefined, real-life photos. Wonky ones. Windswept ones. Blurred ones. Caught mid-laugh ones. Taken by surprise ones. Squeeze…