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    True Stories

    True Stories: Fairytale of New York

    This instalment of our True Stories blog series is written entirely by Mandy Nicholson. It’s a true love tale that starts in New York with a Photo Book and marriage proposal along the banks of the Hudson River. We’ll let Mandy tell you the rest of…

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    True Stories,  True to Life

    True Stories: Love is All You Need

    This True Story comes straight from our Facebook follower, Alexandra Abrahams. Every word. Every photo. Every up. Every down. Every emotion. All are told solely by Alexandra. Read and enjoy! Both myself and fiancé, Cevik, decided at short notice to go to South America. We…

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    True Stories: Ann & David Rooke

    Been there. Seen it. Done it. Got the metaphorical T-shirt. Isn’t that a shared, common goal or aspiration for most of us? No regrets. To take that chance. To do that thing we were always meaning to do. Or, to go on that bucket list…