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    Brew to Life

    First thing in the morning. 7:00am *Alarm*. Open one eye. Stare at alarm. Yuck! Swipe. 10 more minutes. 7:10am *Alarm again*. Open one eye. Send message to other eye. 7:11am Stare doubly hard at alarm. Sigh. Turn off alarm. 7:12am Throw back the covers. Lie there.…

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    The One That Nearly Got Away

    This is a true story. Honestly. It might sound unbelievable, but it happened. It really did. And it happened on a day just like any other day. A work day. But not just any work. Work at the cutting-edge of modern photo printing. A wonder-filled…

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    Wish We Were There?

    Let’s go on a road trip. Just you and us. The weather’s sunny and settled. Sea and skies are blue, enormous and inviting. There’s an open road heading into lush, green countryside that just cries out to be explored. Yes… Why not? You pack the…