Six Personalised Stocking Fillers to Make Someone Smile

I don’t know about you, but I always seemed to get more excited about opening my stocking on Christmas morning than I did about the ‘big’ presents I’d asked Santa for. Even now, I still look forward to seeing what Stocking Fillers I’ve got more than anything else – even if it is a bit weird to still have a stocking when you’re nearly 30.

In some ways, there’s something a bit more magical about picking smaller gifts out of a stocking. Like one of those lucky dips you used to get at fêtes as a child, you don’t know what you’re going to get. That anticipation will never get old.

Six Personalised Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers can get a bit samey, though. There’s only so many times someone can get excited over socks, deodorant sets or bath bombs.

So think outside the socks this Christmas. Here are six Personalised Stocking Fillers that’ll make your loved ones smile – now with up to 50% OFF:

1) Personalised Phone Cases

Do you know a single person in your family or circle of friends who doesn’t have a mobile phone? I don’t. You probably don’t either. Even my 80-year-old Grandad has an iPhone (a more modern model than mine, in fact!).

For this reason alone, as far as Stocking Fillers go, a Personalised Phone Case is probably as safe a bet as you can possibly get. As long as you know the recipients’ mobile make and model, you can get them a personalised gift you know they’ll get a lot of use – and joy – out of.


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2) Teddy Bear

Especially for young children, you can’t really go far wrong with a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear. Or even for a boyfriend or girlfriend, a Teddy is a gift that’s bound to get you in the good books. Throw a favourite photo into the mix, on the Teddy’s T-shirt, and you’ve got yourself a Stocking Filler that’s guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face.


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3) Photo Magnets

I’ve got a little photo gallery on my fridge at home made up of Photo Magnets. Even though I’ve seen each photo a thousand times, they still make me smile. That’s the best thing about them. You can turn any metal surface into a little photo gallery – whether it’s a fridge, filing cabinet or locker.

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4) Photo Keyring

Someone walking around with their favourite 6×4” Photo Print in their pocket is never going to end well. It’s too big, for one. And Photo Prints aren’t really designed to be bent and bashed around in someone’s pocket.

Photo Keyrings, though, enable people to keep their precious memories in their pocket – wherever they go. They’re also tough as old boots, designed to be scratch resistant and with a strong metal ring to hold keys.


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5) Small Glass Frames

Framed photos make perfect presents. They’re a Christmas classic for people of all ages. Actually framing a Photo Print yourself can be a bit of a Nightmare Before Christmas, though. A broken nail is really not what you need.

And when you can one ready-framed for less than a fiver, why even bother trying?

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6) Photo Mugs

Whether it’s to start every morning with a smile, brighten up a dull desk at work, or make morning commutes more meaningful – Photo Mugs make great Stocking Fillers. They’re ideal as a gift for the tea or coffee-drinker in your life, or simply as a little treat for yourself to keep you warm this winter.

Practical and personal, Photo Mugs keep the moments that matter close at hand every time you have a brew.


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