5 Perfect Places for Photo Cushions at Home

Photos make a house a home. And if there’s a time of year that you really need your house to feel cosy and homely, it’s winter. It might be sub-zero outside, but placing Photo Cushions in the various rooms of your home will give you a warm and snuggly setting to see you through winter.

From patterns and places, to favourite family photos and summer snaps, Photo Cushions give you the creative freedom to make a mini Home Décor masterpiece that complements your room’s interior. They’re versatile, too – so there are plenty of places you can put them in your home.

Placing Your Photo Cushions

Instead of just chucking them ‘on the sofa’, here are a few different ideas for where to place your new Photo Cushions at home:


Not only will Photo Cushions complement the cute interior of your Nursery, but each one will also be a lovely keepsake that your little one can keep as they grow up. You can even get a personalised cushion with a graphic or text-based design instead, if that’d suit the Nursery’s décor better (see below).

Child’s Bedroom

If you’re a parent, you’ll know all too well that children tend to want to spend a lot of time in their room playing. Why not make the room they spend the most time as comfortable and homely as possible with a Personalised Cushion?

Not only will your little one love the kid’s designs we have available, they’ll no doubt love seeing their name or initials on their new cushion, too!



When it comes to finishing the interior design of your lounge, or to give your new sofa the ‘wow’ factor, a Photo Cushion can give you that pizzazz you’re looking for. Scenic shots and patterns work very well, many of which you can download for free using sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

Dining Room or Office

Photo Cushions aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re a practical addition too. Especially in a Dining Room or Office where the seating may not be as comfy as the couch, add a personalised cushion to provide some much-needed comfort for family and friends at your next dinner party.

Comfort aside, Photo Cushions also look über trendy on hard-surface seating (see below).


If you’re a sucker for a scatter cushion (or five!) on your bed, what you’re missing from your cushion collection is a personalised or photo variation. You don’t necessarily have to use photos of friends and family like Chloe has (below), you can choose a non-photo design or use something like a scenic snap to suit your décor.

Half-Price Photo Cushions

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