Enjoy Moments That Matter All Year Round with a 2019 Photo Calendar

You might not believe it, but there are actually only 70 days until 2019. Seventy. Where has this year actually gone? 2019 will creep up fast. Gear up for the New Year with a 2019 Photo Calendar – available now at Truprint!

Whether it’s family holidays, baby’s firsts, or fun with friends, Photo Calendars will enable you to enjoy moments that matter most throughout 2019. Start every month or day of 2019 the right way – with a smile.

Why Choose a 2019 Photo Calendar?

Photo Calendars are one of our bestsellers. Our customers love them, and we know you will, too! Sure, you can stick with a bog-standard, generic 2019 Calendar if you want. But, when you get a personalised Photo Calendar for the same price – or less – why wouldn’t you?

Oh, we’ve also got a MASSIVE Photo Calendar offer further down this page that will see you save up to 60% on Photo Calendars…

Here are some of the key features and benefits of Truprint’s Photo Calendars:

Select Your Own ‘Starting Month’

If you create and purchase your 2019 Photo Calendar now, you can still choose September or October 2018 as your starting month – so unlike standard Calendars, you don’t even have to wait until the New Year to start using your new Personalised Calendar.


Personalised Dates

With our Premium Calendars, you can personalise particular dates and milestones – such as your Husband’s birthday – with photos and text. All included in the price! Enjoy the moments that matter to you 365-days-a-year.

Dozens of Designs

There are dozens of different designs you can choose from for your Photo Calendar. From seasonal and simple, to travel and trending ‘hot’ designs, you’ll find the perfect design to start your New Year off with a smile.

So whether it’s a fun, funky, simple or elegant design you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

Gifts That Keep on Giving

Because you can personalise key dates with photos and text, Premium Photo Calendars are a gift that’ll keep on giving all year round. Remind the recipient of the moments that matter every time they check their Calendar.

Easy to Create

Our easy-to-use online builder lets you customise each month with your favourite photos. You can toggle between views – from a month-by-month view, to a full-month view – to make creating your Photo Calendar masterpiece even easier!


You can create yours here.

For Home or Office

With a wide range of 2019 Photo Calendars available, you’ll find a size and style you can hang on your wall in the kitchen. We also have a free-standing Desk Calendar that’d look fab on your coffee table or desk at work.

Or, why not get two? A Kitchen Calendar for Home, and a Desk Calendar for work?

Up to 60% OFF Photo Calendars

Until 29th October, Truprint is offering up to 60% OFF all Photo Calendars – all sizes, all styles, Standard or Premium. Here are the discount breakdowns for you to feast your eyes on:

  • 40% OFF when you buy one Photo Calendar
  • 50% OFF when you buy two Photo Calendars
  • 60% OFF when you buy three or more Photo Calendars

With Christmas in the not too distant future, why not get Photo Calendars as gifts for friends and family – all while saving yourself a fortune? Use code PLAN2019 at checkout 👉🏻

See our full range of Photo Calendars and create yours here.

*Any offers included in this blog – or any other blogs – are valid and correct at the time of publication. Thus, they might not be valid when you come to read this blog. Fear not, though – we regularly have deals and discounts available. Check the latest ones out here.