How to Create Personalised Photo Calendars

There’s still time to create your Photo Calendar for 2019 with Truprint. Whether you want to show pics of family holidays, baby’s firsts, or fun with friends, our Personalised Photo Calendars will enable you to enjoy the moments that matter most all year round.

This aside, Personalised Photo Calendars are… well… just so much better than your standard shop-bought calendar.

Here’s how to personalise your Photo Calendar online using Truprint, so you can enjoy the moments that matter to you 365-days-a-year:

1) Select a Starting Month

The power is in your hands when it comes to personalising dates. You can start off by choosing the starting month that best suits you. Want a Calendar that has a starting month of May? No problem! You can specify this at the beginning, or during the editing stage by clicking “Date Options” on the left toolbar.


2) Personalise Dates*

Place your favourite photos on a special date, with a personalised caption, for free! Why not add a photo of your loved one on their birthday? To do this, go to the month where you want to add the photo. Then, drag and drop the photo onto the date you want to personalise. Click on the specific date to edit the caption. *Premium Calendars Only

3) Add Photos

You can really show off your seasonal highlights of last year by adding photos to your Personalised Calendar. Once your photos have been uploaded and are in the project builder, simply drag and drop them onto the page! You can then either manually change the layout, for example, by resizing and moving each photo. Or, you can apply a ready-made layout from the layouts tool on the left. Just click a layout to use it!

4) Choose a Design

Whatever the occasion, we have a design for almost every theme. Creating a Calendar featuring your travel snaps? Check out our “Wanderlust” or “Travel Lust” designs! To view and add a design to your Calendar, open the “Designs” tab on the left and select a design. The builder will ask you if you want to apply it to the entire calendar, or just the current page.

5) Add Embellishments

Did you know we offer over 3,000 embellishments!? Make your Photo Calendar unique and personal whilst adding a professional touch. To add embellishments to your Calendar, open up the ‘Embellishments’ tab from the left toolbar, and navigate to any category of interest. Then, drag and drop an embellishment to the page!

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