Our Fave Father’s Day Card Designs

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: most Dads are softies at heart. They probably won’t admit that they really appreciate receiving your Father’s Day card and, of course, the heartfelt message you write in it. Dad might not get totes emosh, but he’ll definitely be blown away if he receives one of our fave personalised Father’s Day cards this year.

Cards often get overlooked, secondary to the ‘more important’ gift. But, for many, it’s actually the card that matters most. Sure, you can nip to the local supermarket and pick up one for a couple of quid. It’ll no doubt be well received. Dads aren’t usually too fussy.

What if we said you can get Dad a personalised card for less, though?

Father’s Day Card Designs

For as little as 75p, you can get the Daddy of all Father’s Day cards from Truprint this year. From silly to sentimental, and photo cards to designs for sporting diehards, there are dozens of different designs for you to choose for Dad.

Even if you’re already the favourite sibling, here’s your chance to take Dad’s favouritism to the next level. We’ve handpicked seven of our favourite Father’s Day card designs below:

Letterman Hero Card 

Get it here.

#1 Dad Father’s Card

Get it here.

Father’s Day Lines Card

Get it here.

Most Awesome Dad Card

Get it here.

Best Dad Ever Card

Get it here.

Simply Dad Card 

Get it here.

We Love Granddad Card 

Get it here.

Make Dad LOL

Is your Dad even your Dad if he doesn’t tell the worst ‘Dad Jokes’ from time to time? Some are actually not too bad. Some are bad. Some are just awful. But, the important thing is: they all make Dad laugh.

We compiled a list of eight of our favourite Dad Jokes in a recent blog. Here’s our favourite:

LOL! No? We found it funny. See all eight here.

Swap Socks for Selfies – UP TO 50% OFF!

We launched our #SwapSocksForSelfies campaign last month for Father’s Day. We want to see Dads all over the country receive sentimental, thoughtful gifts that they will cherish for years to come. Something that’ll really put a big cheesy smile on their faces.

As part of our campaign, we’re offering 30% OFF all Father’s Day Gifts and Cards until Monday 11th June. If you spend more than £30, you’ll get a whopping 50% OFF! 

Place your order by Monday 11th June to guarantee delivery before Father’s Day. Shop all Father’s Day Gifts and Cards here.