How to Make a Photo Book – In a Flash 📸

Whatever story you want to tell, from your little one’s first year in the world to a fairy-tale wedding, make a Photo Book filled with your favourite photos to reminisce about your most memorable moments for years to come.

Once upon a time, traditional-style photo albums were the only medium we had to remember and reminisce about our favourite memories. They were great (and still are!) – apart from when Mum got them out of the garage to show our new boyfriend some embarrassing baby photos.

Or when they fell apart having been flicked through for decades, after taking countless hours or days to compile and create way back when.

Fast forward a few decades and we have Photo Books: not just a go-to gift for friends and family, but a favourite of photo-loving, selfie-snapping souls like you and I. Not only do they look the part and stand the test of time, they can be made in minutes – music to the ears of both busy parents and social butterflies everywhere.

Make a Photo Book Online

You know what story you want to tell. You’ve got your photos ready to go. Now all you need to do is follow these six simple steps to make a Photo Book online – in a flash.

And when we say ‘In a flash’, we really mean it – the Truprint team’s record is just under four minutes 😲

1) Select a Size and Cover

Start your creation by selecting which size Photo Book you want (sizes are shown in both inches and centimetres). 11×8” and 6×4” books are our bestsellers, but the choice is well and truly yours! Select from seven different sizes and choose the type of cover you want – Hardcover, Softcover, Leather or Linen Cover.

2) Choose a Design

Choose one of our stunning designs for your Photo Book. You’ll notice that designs are categorised to make it even easier for you to choose. If you’re building a Wedding Photo Book, for example, you’ll see there’s a dedicated Wedding design category. If you’re feeling creative, there’s also an option to design your Photo Book from scratch.

Once you’ve decided on a design, click the ‘Make This Photo Book’ button.

3) Upload Your Snaps

You can upload photos directly from your device – be it your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet – or choose your saved snaps from Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram or Flickr. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, click ‘Add Selected Photos’.

4) Autofill Photos

Now for the really nifty part. Hitting the ‘Autofill’ button will automatically and instantly place your photos perfectly across 20 or more pages, in line with your chosen design – saving you tons of time.

Of course, if you want complete control over the placement of your photos, you do have the option to place them manually. But, why waste your precious time when our platform can do all the heavy lifting for you?

5) Add the Finishing Touches

Even if you didn’t decide to design your Photo Book from scratch (Step 2), you can still get creative by adding some personal finishing touches. Choose a font that tickles your fancy, edit and add text and enhance the look and feel of your Photo Book with some elegant embellishments – all included in the price of your book.

Clicking the ‘Review & Buy’ button will enable you to see a preview of your newly-created Photo Book. If you’re happy with your creation, continue to checkout to buy your book 🎉

6) Trust Truprint

Once you’ve created your masterpiece of cherished memories, sit back, put your feet up and trust Truprint. With four decades of printing excellence to our name, we print and dispatch thousands of Photo Books every year. Your lovely new Photo Book will be delivered to your door within five working days of placing your order.

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Want to make a Photo Book on the move, or print your photos directly from your mobile device? Download the Truprint mobile app.