Introducing My Photo Story

Today, we are going to start a new series on the blog to find out a little bit more about the photographs that mean something to you all. Introducing, My Photo Story.

We know it as a bit of a cliche, but every picture really does tell a story and we would really love to hear what yours are.

My Photo Story

All you need to do is choose a photograph that has a special place in your heart and your life, and share its story with us. Perhaps it is from an important holiday, or a particular photo of one of your children, or even any photo that wouldn’t seem that special to anyone else, unless they knew the real truth behind it.

Whatever the photograph you choose, we would love to hear from you, so do drop us a line to You can either provide us with your thoughts, or we will help you to explain why the photograph means so much to you with a few questions over email. We can then write the article for you. We expect to feature your pictures regularly, and can’t wait to see what you would like to share with us here.

Beautiful Pictures

To help you to see what we mean – we thought that we would share a photograph with you from our office. In fact, this is my picture – a very special photograph of a wonderful moment in my life, about new beginnings, saying goodbye to one chapter and , and welcoming a new one with open arms.

This is not only a beautiful picture of a truly magical location in Canada (Moraine Lake), but the start of my marriage, and the beginning of a new life as a wife, and a mother.

The picture was taken later on in the day, when my husband and I deliberately stayed on after most people had left so that we could capture a shot when there was likely to be very few people around. The light was limited too, creating an almost black and white effect with the snow on the mountains and the still reflections in the lake.

There was barely a whisper on the wind, making it look like the mountains extended into the depths of the water, and reached out beyond their earthly places.

The photograph is calm, which is a far cry from how my life now; as children, work and the chaos of modern life has taken over. However, looking at the picture always brings me back to that place, and that time. An oasis in the tumult of motherhood.


When I was a child, I used to look for my “secret places” where I could go and think. I was always a thoughtful child, and found school, and even home life a little bit too much occasionally. As a adult, I still need a place to go to give myself some “me time.”

This photograph gives me my escape, and I hope that looking at it gives you yours too.

Thanks for letting me share my memories with you all. Please do email us if you would like to contribute a picture for My Photo Story too.

Until next time,