Capture, Cherish and Remember the Moments That Matter

Katie Thurston once wrote about photographs being a “return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” Have more poignant words ever been written? Because, let’s face it: Without photography, how would we really be able to remember and celebrate the moments that matter in years to come?

In less than a decade, photography will have been around for two centuries. Almost 200 years on, printing photos has never been more important.

OK so, these days, you might take a few more selfies than our ancestors did way back when. A lot more if you’re a Millennial.

But the fundamentals of why we take photos – and why anyone ever began to take photos – have remained the same. We take them to remember a particular point in time: A certain moment that was special to us, for whatever reason, there and then.

We take them to document the past and the present, to look back on and cherish in the future. That’s the best thing about photos – they don’t change, even when the people in them do.

Remember the BIG Moments

There’s nothing quite like the excitement about, and anticipation for, the big moments and milestones in life.

Your wedding, the happiest day of your life. The little one’s first birthday. Mum and Dad’s 30th Anniversary. Your son or daughter’s graduation – that day you almost spontaneously combusted with pride.

And, rightly so. These are the moments that, actually, we’ll probably remember forever with our without the medium of photography, for as long as nature will allow us. But, documenting these special days by taking photos helps us reminisce and relive them for years to come.

Cherish the Little Moments

That time the kids wrecked the lounge wallpaper with a pack of felt tips. Infuriating for a short while, before a wry smile and a snap on your smartphone to show them in the future.

Or that other time, when your husband and little one fell asleep together on the couch. Maybe, even, just a silly selfie with one of your best mates – blurred, out of focus, and neither of you looking your best.

Those moments mattered. They still do. Always will.


Enjoy the Everything-in-Between Moments

And then there’s the everything-in-between moments. Or, memories off the back of big moments, that didn’t seem so important at the time, if at all. But, they depict life – your life – at a certain point in time.

What you might find, too, is that it’s actually the ‘everything-in-between’ photos that hold a special place in your heart.

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