Life’s a Beach: NEW Personalised Beach Towels from Truprint 🏖️

Life is way better at the beach, isn’t it?  Summer is now officially in full swing – long may this heatwave continue! And we’ve just launched a summer essential that’ll make your beach or poolside adventure that little bit more personal – Personalised Beach Towels.

Having fun in the sun at the seaside is what life is really all about. The smell of fresh sea air and sun cream takes some beating. When we’re not printing your summer memories, you’ll find us at the beach 😎

Personalised Beach Towels: Features

The battle to save a sunbed on holiday with the age-old towel trick just got even more personal. Be the envy of the sunbed-saving squad with your very own Personalised Beach Towels. Let’s dive into some of the key features:

Customisable Front

Customise the front of your Personalised Beach Towels with a favourite photo, your name(s) or similar. The back of the towel is a simple-but-elegant white, which contrasts nicely with the front design and colour.


100% Microfiber

Soft and absorbent to soak up the sea water and leave your skin feeling super soft! The front of each towel is made from 100% microfiber, while the back is 100% cotton.


Machine Washable/Dryable

There’ll be no faffing about with any of this hand-washing malarkey. Our Personalised Beach Towels are machine washable and are safe to go in your tumble dryer, too.

They’re B-I-G!

Beach Towels tend to be bigger, anyway. But, Truprint’s Personalised Beach Towels are even bigger than your average beach towel. A standard Beach Towel measures 60×30”, whilst our personalised towel is 63×35.5” (160x90cm). Go for a dip without having to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to wrap yourself up afterwards.


High Resolution Print

It’s important for us to point out that, due to the size of our Personalised Beach Towels, you’ll need to use a high resolution photo(s) for the best possible print. Fear not, though – our online creator will tell you if the resolution of your photo is too low to use!


With 50 different designs for you to choose from, you’re bound to find a style that floats your boat. Here are just a couple of our favourites – the children’s towel designs, in particular, being popular amongst the Truprint team:

Launch Offer – 40% OFF!

To celebrate the launch of our new Personalised Beach Towels, we’re giving you 40% OFF – for one week only! Take advantage of this scorching hot offer by using code BEACH18 at checkout. Your discount will be instantly applied before you complete your purchase.

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