How to Take the Perfect Photo for Personalised Christmas Cards

December being just around the corner only means one thing… IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! We’ve reached that time of year where it’s time to start thinking about sending out your Christmas Cards. If you’re thinking of doing something a little different this year, why not take your own perfect photo for your Personalised Christmas Cards?

Sending out Christmas cards to your nearest and dearest can somestimes be a bit stressful. Especially when they live here, there, and everywhere!

Personalised Christmas Cards

Avoid the post office rush and send out a Personalised Christmas Cards with Truprint featuring your very own photo. Keep reading for some top tips on taking that perfect photo for your Personalised Christmas Cards:


First, decide exactly you want to take a photo of. A family shot? Your lovely tree and lounge in all its Christmassy glory? Use whatever type of photo you like, but you’ll probably want to think about capturing something that looks warm, wintry and seasonal.


Next, if you really want to take this shoot seriously, you need to decide if you want to feature any props. If you’re planning on taking a group shot of yourself and the family, you may want to include some festive Santa hats for some extra festive fun!



Lighting is critically important if you’re going to capture the perfect photo – especially if it’s going to feature on the front of your Christmas Cards. Try using a more ambient light source to avoid red eyes from the flash. Fairy lights and candles are great for this. Plus, they’re super cosy and festive!


Last but by no means least, the most important step – HAVE FUN! Capturing the perfect photo for your Personalised Christmas Card shouldn’t be a chore. Get the family together, get into the Christmas spirit and have a laugh. Re-create and capture your favourite moments and milestones from the year. Turn on the Christmas songs and get the mince pies out to get into the festive spirit. Or, make it a weekend project and capture some wonderful festive snaps of your favourite wintery locations.

Create Yours

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take some of your most memorable photos. Cards make perfect keepsakes for your loved ones. So why not tie the two together? All you need is a camera (or even a smartphone!) and maybe the odd prop.

Create your own Christmas Cards here. Once you’ve created your card, why not check out some heartfelt, funny & festive messages to write in them here.