NEW Personalised Notebooks – Available NOW at Truprint!

Whether you’re a scribbler, a doodler, a diary-keeper or a keen to-do list maker, do you know what’s missing from your life? Personalised Notebooks.

While some people have a handbag or shoe obsession, if you’re anything like me, your spending habits surround one thing and one thing only – stationery. I’m even a sucker for stationery I don’t even need. I haven’t used a Pritt Stick since primary school, but I’ve got ten of them… just in case.

But, there is some stationery I buy and use regularly: my trusty Notebooks. There’s always one in my bag wherever I go, and I go through dozens of them every year. Like me, fellow stationery nerds can now even get Personalised Notebooks.

✍🏻 Truprint Personalised Notebooks

Launched this week, Truprint’s new Personalised Notebooks are available in three different variations: A5 Softcover Notebook, A5 Softcover Spiral Notebook, and A5 Hardcover Notebook.Prices start from less than a tenner!

Some key features and additional information on each Notebook is included below.

A5 Softcover Notebook

Note to self: get organised in style! Perfect for lists, journal entries, work, university or college notes, our A5 Softcover Notebook features a matte cover with 200 internal lined pages. When the time comes, you’ll be greeted with your unique cover – personalised by the one and only, you. The matte cover gives the A5 Softcover Notebook a modern, luxurious and classy finish.

Product Features
  • Soft, smooth paper cover
  • 200 internal lined pages
  • Every page is perforated

A5 Softcover Spiral Notebook

Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about on your phone, need to jot something down, but can’t find a piece of paper in your bag? The A5 Softcover Spiral Notebook is a must-have for those always on the move.

The spiral binding makes it easy to lay flat on pretty much any surface, wherever you are in the world. It also comes complete with rounded page corners to prevent bending in your bag. As with all of our new Personalised Notebooks, all pages in the Softcover Spiral Notebook are perforated for easy tear-out.

Product Features
  • Laminated cover with a glamourous gloss finish
  • Bound with a black wire spiral
  • 150 lined pages
  • Rounded page corners

A5 Hardcover Notebook

Chic, classy and small enough to always keep close to hand, the A5 Hardcover Notebook is perfect for putting pen to paper for reminders and ideas. The durable cover is built to last and all pages are bound into the cover itself, so whether it’s a gift to yourself or for a friend – your musings will be safe and sound for years to come.

Product Features
  • Durable hard cover
  • Classy, silky matte finish
  • Pages case bound into the hard cover
  • 150 internal lined pages

Get Creative

With a Personalised Notebook, you have the option to become the designer of your unique diary or notebook. Pick some of your favourite photos to put on the cover, or stick with one of our colourful, patterned designs for the front and back of your Notebook.

With dozens of different designs and layouts available, you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy. Whether it’s a Personalised Notebook for ‘to do’ lists, for a little one to take to school, or to jot down journal entries.