4 Secret Santa Gifts People Will Actually LOVE

If you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly on the hunt for Secret Santa Gifts. You’re bereft of gift ideas for your friend, family member or colleague. Fear not, though – we’re going to help you up your Secret Santa game this Christmas.

Secret Santa Gifts can be a bit hit-and-miss, can’t they? Often, people either go for the downright ridiculous, utterly useless or completely thoughtless (or a combination of all three).

Of course, Secret Santa is a bit of fun. So it should be! But, that doesn’t mean Secret Santa Gifts need to be weird rather than wonderful. Even if the recipient is a bit of a joker, wouldn’t it be better to spend your hard-earned pennies on something they’ll actually appreciate?

Personalised Secret Santa Gifts

As a general rule of thumb, there’s usually a spending limit on Secret Santa Gifts. So we’ve focused on gifts that start from less than £10.

Here are some Personalised Secret Santa Gift ideas to get your gift-giving juices flowing:

1) Photo Mugs

With Secret Santa being a popular workplace tradition, we’ve chosen Photo Mugs to take pole position in our Secret Santa Gifts list. Every office desk has a Mug! Photo Mugs also still have an element of fun. Why not use an embarrassing photo from last year’s Christmas party?

If you’re doing Secret Santa with friends, family or loved ones, Photo Mugs are an equally-great gift. Starting every morning with a smile while sipping a brew? Yes, please!


Get 50% OFF Photo Mugs until 19th December 2018 using code 50BREW. Shop Mugs Here.

2) Desk Calendar

Have you ended up with the colleague who’s always late for meetings? Or, a family member who rarely remembers birthdays before it’s too late? What they really need in their lives is a Desk Calendar.

Once in place, all those important dates will be staring them in the face – every day – as soon as they sit down at their desk, at work or home.

Get a Desk Calendar for just £5.99 until 19th December using code 599DESKCAL. Shop Here.

3) Slim Canvas Print

The true beauty of Canvas Prints is that you can turn favourite photos into a work of Wall Art. With smaller Canvas Prints, you can even create a collage using multiple photos and prints. An 8×8” Slim Canvas Print is perfect if you’re working to a smaller budget. It’s only £10!

Get two 8×8” Slim Canvas Prints for £15 using code 2SLIM15. Buy one for your Secret Santa and keep one for yourself! Shop Now.

4) Personalised Phone Cases

Last but by no means least, one of our favourite personalised products – Phone Cases. You probably don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a phone. So as long as you know the make and model of phone they’ve got, you know a Personalised Phone Case is absolutely something they’re going to get a lot of use out of.

Providing premium protection for the latest Smartphones, a Personalised Phone Cases would also be the perfect gift if the recipient is a bit… er… clumsy.


Get a three Personalised Phone Cases for the price of two until 19th December. Use code  SMART18 at checkout. Shop Phone Cases.

Up Your Secret Santa Game 🎅🏻

With these Secret Santa Gift ideas in mind, we’re throwing down the gauntlet for you – up your Secret Santa game this Christmas. Purchasing a present for someone that’s a bit more personal and hearteflt is bound to win you some Brownie points.

See our full range of Personalised Secret Santa Gifts here.