Seven things a mum really wants for Mothers Day

Seven Gifts for Mum for Mothers Day


What gifts for mum would she really like to have for Mothers Day, if she was to sit back and think about it long enough without small people pawing at her legs?

Being a mum, particularly to a toddler, can be a rather challenging part of one’s life. Not only are you expected to operate at the beck and call of the world’s smallest boss, you are also required to know exactly what it is that they want, without them being able to tell you. Well, at least in any meaningful way; other than throwing toys, stamping feet, or screaming.

Real Gifts for Mum

A clever device that turns whining sounds into the voice of an angel

Whining is, well, annoying. It seems to be pitched right at that level which makes everything that can stand on end in the body, stand on end and do backflips. It would be nice to have a day free of it *just the one*

A moment to pee alone *yes really*

Perhaps even a whole day to pee alone. Clearly mums don’t want a whole day to just pee, but gone are the days when you could take a book to the loo, and read it in those quiet five minutes while contemplating the world. You generally have someone on your lap to read it with you, right?

Someone to remember stuff for them so they don’t have to write it all on their hands

No matter how old the children are, it is rather hard for mums to remember everything they need for the day, and everything their kids needs as well. Everything has to be ship shape before getting out of the door / dressed (*delete as appropriate*), and ready for the challenges ahead. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get someone else to fill out the form for school or create those wonderful World Book Day costumes?

To stay in bed all night without the invasion of the sleep snatchers

Ah sleep, we all remember it well, but some mums haven’t had the pleasure of a whole night of sleep’s company for a good few years. Aside from this, it is impossible to sleep beyond the time that the cockerel is starting his morning rounds. One whole night in bed, without a demanding child waking you up at 6am, or even worse slapping a cold hand on your back at 3am would, I guarantee, be blissful to many.

A bath that doesn’t cause all hell to break lose

Candles, relaxing music, a long soak – when was the last time mum had that? Never – spot on. If she tries this….Child A burns themselves on the candles, and Child B gets into the food cupboard. Now they are exploring uses for flour in interesting and creative ways, probably involving Child A, causing them to start crying…again. Cue rapid end to said bath, permanently. Not to mention the mopping up required after tearing through the house on a mercy mission.

To commission a new fairy; the washing pixie

So, there is a tooth fairy, an established fact. Why isn’t there a washing pixie then to help mums with the ridiculous amounts of washing that needs to be done? We know that some Dads do it too. So I bet they’d want a little imp to help them out as well. The washing pile never goes down, so whichever malevolent fairy is making it bigger really needs to start shrinking it again…

Someone to capture our memories and pop them in a little box

It would be wonderful if children could stay young forever; as they grow a year older, it is perhaps natural to yearn for times gone by. We all know it’s impossible to go back, but Truprint can grab as many memories as possible for you to treasure them forever. Instead of stopping those little ones from growing into big ones, why not be content with some of the lovely photo gifts for mum that are available on our site. From personalised mugs, to wonderful canvases of your little ones, Truprint has Mother’s Day photo gifts for mum that she’ll love.

From your mum, to the new mum and everyone else in between, our photo books can inspire some great gifts for mum too, helping to capture mum’s memories forever. Why not create a bragging book, or a collection of photos of your child’s art; helping to create memories to hold close always?

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We are just sorry we can’t give all you Mums those extra five minutes to pee 😉