“I Love Truprint!”: Truprint Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

We think we’re a nice bunch. We think we provide a stellar service and premium products. But that doesn’t matter. What really matters is what our lovely customers think. To find out what they truly think of Truprint, we took a look at some Truprint customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, once said: “Your brand is what your customers say about you when you’re not in the room.” Lucky for us, a significant majority of Truprint customer reviews posted on Trustpilot rate us ‘great’ or ‘excellent’. What’s that old saying about customers always being right (*wink wink*)?

Moreover, in a recent on-site survey, 98% of new customers told us they’d recommend Truprint to a friend or family member.

Truprint Reviews: The Numbers

You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that the numbers you’re about to see are pretty impressive. Unlike some of our peers, we actively invite customers to submit an open, honest and transparent review of Truprint on Trustpilot, too.

How else would we continuously improve our service and products, right? Taking the rough with the smooth, customer feedback is absolutely critical to our continuous improvement.

Truprint Customer Reviews Infographic


We love nothing more than seeing our customers share the love on social media. When we see a customer post a picture of their Truprint order on Instagram or Facebook, we feel a little bit like a proud parent. It’s #TruLove at first sight.

Check out some recent snaps shared on social media by Truprint customers:

Finally got my thousands of photos printed! #trulove

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We’ve decided to #SwapSocksForSelfies for Father’s Day this year and I think I’ve chosen an absolute corker for this magic mug 🤣 what do you think?? . I can just imagine Daddy Arthurwears sat at his desk with a hot cuppa in his sleek new mug, smiling at the acrylic print of his two little angels …. and then… 🤪 . The reality is that his desk is NEVER this tidy (I’ve seen it!) but I know for sure he will make space for these personalised gifts from @truprintphotos . Delivery was quick and the website was really easy to use (I uploaded straight from my phone) and now I’m feeling super organised about it all this year 😎 . PS: not just for dads ☺️ . . . #fathersday #fathersday2018 #fathersdaygifts #magicmug #personalisedgifts #acrylicprint #heatmug #giftsforhim #giftsfordad #gifted #ukparentbloggers #pblogger #giftguide #personalisedprint #video #selfie #toddlerselfie #toddlerlife #cheekyface #makememories #capturingthesemoments #thismumlife #stillaboy #dayslikethese #funnyvideos #cherisheverymoment #brotherandsister

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Truprint Customer Reviews on Trustpilot

There are more than 8,600 Truprint customer reviews for you to peruse. We don’t expect you to read each and every one. But, you can access them all via Trustpilot here. If you’re an existing Truprint customer, please feel free to submit a review – we’d love to hear your feedback!

Truprint Customer Reviews Trustpilot