Print Instagram Photos on Truprint

Thanks for reading this blog. If you would like to be a guest writer for us, then do feel free to email with details of your photography or craft experience. Anyone with an eye for a shot, or that uses Truprint products for crafts such as scrapbooking, would be welcome on our blog.

Instragram is a wonderful and handy little tool to have in your handbag – great, and simple editing for everyone on the move.

Some of my favourite photos of my family and out and about have been taken in the App. Truprint are now on Instagram too, so that we can keep track of your entries to our #TruprintMoments monthly contest on there. There will be a new contest on October 1st next week, so do look at for it.

However, when you have taken those pictures, you don’t necessarily want them to stay on your phone; you might want to print Instagram photos, or use them as gifts or cards, posters or beyond.

Which Truprint products can help you out here; with products that fit perfectly with your square instagram pics?

Getting them out the phone – download your photos

Firstly, it is important to get those photos from the phone and online – the Truprint App for iPhone and Android should help you out here. Just download your pictures directly into your Truprint account, and you are away. You can then log in from your desktop to add them to whichever products you would like.

Print Instagram Photos – Turn Them into Wall Art

Print Instagram photos and make them into a work of wall art. We have a number of square canvas products, perfect for instagram wall art. You can either chose a single shot, just like below, or create a wonderful effect with multiple canvas pictures from a collection of shots.

Don’t forget, you can even create a collage of your square photos on a canvas as well….

Alongside the canvas, we also have a 10 x 10 acrylic block, which you can either hang on the wall, or leave prominently around the house. Another perfect square bit of decor for you all. 😀

Get a set of instagram snaps as coasters

We all love a good cup of tea – so turn your instagram snaps into a set of coasters for yourself or a family friend, perhaps theme them, so for those that love photographing a specific subject, collate them all for your set, Alternatively, just go mad, and totally random!

Make instagram stickers for the kids

All kids love a good sticker, and to be honest, don’t we adults too? Stickers are a great reward for children, and a photo of themselves – well what could be better? Why not turn your instagrams into photo stickers for them then?

Awesome, right?

Send a square card

I know, its not normal right? Who ever gives square cards…but actually they look stylist and are original, so why not use the instgram shots for one of these?

There are many other great ideas for square photo products on the Truprint site, from calendars to photo books; so check these out too. There is bound to be something that fits in with your instagram style 😀

Thanks for reading and see you in a couple of weeks.