Top 5 Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

By | 8th November 2017

Socks, ‘smellies’ and gimmicky Christmas gifts: they’re all so impersonal. So forgettable. Like one of those novelty wine glasses that holds an entire bottle of wine. Something someone might be tempted to use after a hectic day trying to control hyperactive kids, but in reality something that will sit in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. Read more

April – Dreams

By | 21st April 2017

I had a novel idea earlier this year. After the obligatory over-eating of cheese over the Christmas and New Year period, I found myself having some very vivid ‘cheese dreams’. You know the ones; the dreams you bore your spouse with in the morning, “You were there, but it wasn’t you…” and that sort of Read more

March – Easter Egg Hunt

By | 20th March 2017

It’s nearly time for the Easter Bunny to do his annual rounds; dropping oval goodies into our bare baskets. So what better time of year is there to an Easter Egg hunt?! Probably none. There are few childhood memories I cherish quite like scouring my parents’ pad for sweet surprises. Though one did always get Read more

How to make a texture triptych

By | 7th February 2017

We have another guest blog from Rachael today – this time, we are giving some advice on how to brighten up those walls with a stunning idea for your photographs with a quick how to on making a triptych, using textured photograhs. Was redecorating your house on your New Year’s Resolution list? In which case, Read more