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    True Heroes: “He’s Our World”

    For the third instalment of our True Heroes blog series, we’ve collated a few True Stories about different Dads and their photos – as told by their partners and children. This could get really interesting… or very emotional. Probably both. Partners and children can tell real stories about their True Heroes far better than we can. It’s not about us,…

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    True Heroes: Simon Blunt & Owen Boyle

    They say a picture is worth a thousands words. It is. And, more often than not, it tells a True Story better than a whole load of written words. There’s always more to it though, isn’t there? There’s always a deeper, more meaningful story behind the snap. That’s certainly the case with today’s two true to life photos. It’s what…

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    Down With “Cheese” and the ‘Land of Fake Believe’

    Not everybody likes “cheese”. Some people can’t stomach it at all. It’s bold. It’s brash. It can seem artificial. Many “cheese users” simply just don’t like how they look when they’re mouthing it. So, they rummage around and substitute it with something else. Regardless of your preference, we at Truprint are not fans of “cheese”. Let us explain. In the…

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    True Heroes: Julian Pitlovits & Rob Court

    Not all heroes wear capes. But, some wear military uniforms. And others just really love taking selfies. Lots of selfies. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we spoke to a real Dad and True Hero, Julian Pitlovits. We also spoke about fellow father and True Hero, Rob Court, with his wife, Nicola. Selfie-mad Dad, Julian, told us more about…

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    It’s Time to Say “Goodbye”

    But, before we do, say “Truprint“. Go on. Try it. “Truprint“. In fact, strike a pose. Your best pose. Hold it. Smile wide. Now say it. “Truprint“. Bring back any memories? What about “Free film every time“? Try that instead. “Free film every time”. Ring any bells? For a while in the ’80s and ’90s, it seemed almost everyone and…