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How to Display Your Christmas Cards at Home

December is finally upon us, which means receiving many, many Christmas Cards! We’ve reached that time of the year where we wake up to a flurry of festivity being posted through the door every day.

How do you usually display your Christmas cards? We’ve all displayed our Christmas Cards on the mantelpiece at some point. But, displaying them on the mantelpiece can get a bit crowded towards the end – especially if you’re Mr & Mrs Popular!

How about trying something a little different this year? Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with the kids during the festive build up.

Displaying Your Christmas Cards

Take some inspiration from these great, alternative ideas to display your Cards this Christmas:

🎄 Christmas Tree

This is a simple but really sweet way of showing off your favourite Christmas Cards. You can either punch a hole in the corner of each card using a hole puncher and thread a decorative ribbon through the hole to attach to your tree. Or, you can simply balance the cards on the branches!


🎀 Christmas Card Garland

A Christmas Card Garland is a creative way of bringing Christmas cheer into your home. Peg your cards to a long piece of ribbon (or string!) and attach the ends from one side of your wall to the other. Plus, there’s something so festive about ribbon that we just LOVE! You can also hang the ribbon from your ceiling or doorway.


🖼️ Frame Them!

Cards make great keepsakes for you to look back on in years to come. Why not cement those memories and frame your favourites? This is great for Christmas cards that feature a personal touch like a beautiful family photo.

✨ Christmas Card Fairy Lights

Attach some small wooden pegs to a string of fairy lights. Once the pegs are attached, you can clip together your Cards. They’ll look just magical against your fairy lights.


So, there you have it. Hopefully we’ve given you some great tips and ideas to get you displaying your Christmas cards. We’d love to see your own creations! Share your photos on Instagram using the hashtags #TruLove and #TruprintPhotos.

We receive quite a few Christmas Cards from Customers every year. This one in particular, which was delivered to the Truprint office this week, really warmed our hearts. Thank you, Frances and Marilyn!


It reads:

“To all the busy and dedicated staff at Truprint, with blessings and love from Framces & Marilyn (regular uses of all your loyal services)”