Facepalm-Inducing Dad Jokes to Include in Father’s Day Cards 🤦🏻

Is your Dad even your Dad if he doesn’t come out with the worst jokes from time-to-time? The Daddest Dad jokes ever? Toe-curlingly cringeworthy? Play him at his own game and put a smile on his face this Father’s Day by including one of our favourite Dad jokes in his Father’s Day card.

His jokes might be awful, but where would we be without him? If anyone deserves a little ‘LOL’ on his special day, it’s Dad.

Make Dad ‘LOL’ 🤣

With Father’s Day fast-approaching, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite Dad jokes you can include in Father’s Day Cards for Dad or Grandad.

Some of these jokes are just plain awful. Some are so bad they’re actually good. But all have the hallmarks of a top Dad joke and are bound to give him a giggle. Without any further ado, here goes:

To make it easy for you to copy and paste any of the Dad jokes above and include it in your Father’s Day Cards, here are all eight:

  • I’ve got a great joke about construction. But I’m still working on it…
  • Did you hear about the scarecrow getting a promotion? He was outstanding in his field.
  • I’m taking you to a restaurant on the moon. It’s got great food… but no atmosphere.
  • I didn’t want to buy you anything with Velcro. It’s a total rip-off.
  • I didn’t get you a gift. But the rotation of Earth will really make your day.
  • I wanted to buy you some camouflage trousers. But I couldn’t find any.
  • I used to hate your facial hair… then it grew on me.
  • If prisoners could take their mugshots, they’d be called cellfies.

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