Top 5 Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Socks, ‘smellies’ and gimmicky Christmas gifts: they’re all so impersonal. So forgettable. Like one of those novelty wine glasses that holds an entire bottle of wine. Something someone might be tempted to use after a hectic day trying to control hyperactive kids, but in reality something that will sit in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

Even items of clothing and vouchers are a bit… well, meh.

Why not get someone special something a bit more unique? A bit more personal and thoughtful? Something that the recipient will cherish for years to come. “Like what?” you ask.

We hear you. Allow us to get your creative Christmas present-buying juices flowing with these five unique Christmas gift ideas:

1) Personalised Photo Book

Photo albums have been a go-to Christmas gift for years. They’re a bit of a safe bet, because they’re always well received. Who doesn’t love flicking through photos to relive memory-after-memory?

But the problem with traditional, self-built photo albums is, unlike the printed memories they contain, they never seem to last long. Photos always end up becoming dislodged and inevitably get shoved in a shoebox somewhere in the loft, alongside the other photo casualties from various old albums.

Personalised Photo Books from Truprint are built to last, right here in the UK. British manufacturing at its best. Choose from a Hardcover, Linen Cover or, for a little bit of luxury, a Leather Cover, printed and bound like a book.

Get a proper present that could well last a lifetime! See our range of personalised Photo Books here.

2) Canvas Prints

Inspirational quotes on a canvas are nice enough. But they’ve become a bit of a cliché. Why not try turning someone’s memories into a work of wall art: something that will inspire them day in, day out, without a cheesy inspirational quote in sight?

If fancy fonts and eye-catching icons are your thing, get creative and make the canvas extra special by choosing from dozens of different embellishment and designs. Create a collage canvas, a large single-photo canvas, or order multiple 8×8” Slim Canvas prints so your recipient can create a wall tile gallery of treasured memories at home.

The choice is yours! See the full Canvas Prints range here.

3) Personalised Magic Mug

If you’ve got a friend or family member who’s an avid Harry Potter or Houdini fan, or just a massive tea junky, then a Personalised Magic Mug is just the tipple for them. Although at first glance Truprint’s Magic Mugs look like a blank run-of-the-mill mug, fill it with a hot drink, sit back and watch the magic happen – as your chosen photo begins to magically and mysteriously appear!

Turn tea-making into a magical experience. Check out our Personalised Mug range here.

4) Personalised Calendars

An ideal gift for someone who struggles to stick to plans and needs a helping hand to get organised, but also great for anyone who’ll appreciate reliving their most precious memories every month. Available in a variety of sizes and for a variety of applications – from desk calendars to wall calendars – make every month memorable for that someone special.

You can even have specific photos on special dates within each month. So if it’s for that special someone, you might have a photo on your Anniversary date. Or if you’re getting a personalised calendar for a grandparent, you might have photos of their grandchildren on each of their birthday dates.

See our full Personalised Calendar range here.

5) Personalised Smartphone Case

Do you know a single person who doesn’t have a smartphone? Thought not. There are over three billion of them globally. So you can safely assume that, if nothing else, the intended recipient of your personalised Smartphone Case will definitely have a use for it!

But practicalities and protective benefits aside, gifting a personalised Smartphone Case to someone special will mean they can carry a cherished memory around in their pocket, wherever in the world they go. You’ve got the chance to brighten up even the dullest of days for a friend, family member or loved one.

But it’s your call, after all. Take a look at our Personalised Smartphone Case range.

At the risk of sending you into a state of panic, there are only seven weeks left until Christmas. SEVEN! Get your gift-buying skates on. The Christmas countdown clock is well and truly ticking…

See our full range of personalised Christmas gifts here.