5 Christmas Gifts No One Really Wants

Is it even really Christmas if you don’t get at least one or two gifts that you: a) Will never use, b) Don’t really like, or c) All of the above?

It sounds so ungrateful. But if we’re all being completely honest with ourselves, there’s rarely a Christmas that goes by without the odd daft, dull or downright awful present.

There are five, in particular, we think no one really wants:

1) Socks

A couple of years ago, three-quarters of all British men received at least one pair of socks for Christmas. THREE QUARTERS! That’s over 23 million pairs of socks. Buying socks as a gift is one of the longest-running Christmas clichés, but why so many socks?

According to analysts, purchasing socks for someone comes down to impulse buying and a lack of imagination when it comes to gift-buying. Get some inspiration from our gift-buying guide on how to turn #PicturesIntoPresents here.

Why not try swapping socks for selfies and other snaps? We ran a #SwapSocksForSelfies social media campaign for Father’s Day this year, which went down an absolute treat and saved Dads from all over the country getting yet more socks!

2) Vouchers

Of the five presents on this list, nothing says “I didn’t know what to get you,” or “I left my Christmas shopping ‘til the last minute,” than vouchers. Half of the entire British present-buying public (that’s you and I) will purchase vouchers for someone this Christmas. That also means there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll be given vouchers by someone, too.

Frustratingly, some of the big high street stores still don’t allow vouchers to be redeemed online. Can someone wake them up and tell them it’s 2017, please?

This is probably just one of the reasons why up to £300 million-worth of vouchers go unspent every year in the UK. That aside, the recipient of vouchers might just not fancy anything from the store you bought them vouchers for. Don’t leave it to chance. Get them something you know they’ll love.

3) Gimmicky Gifts

Now, gimmicky Christmas gifts are *kind of* acceptable for Secret Santa. Kind of. Like if you’re doing a Secret Santa at work, it’s borderline acceptable to get your colleague something ridiculous if you’re both chums (Handerpants – underpants for your hands!). But other than that, your Brother isn’t really going to appreciate that ’52 Things to Learn on The Loo’ book you just bought him.

Or, as we’ve said before, if you get your sister-in-law one of those wine glasses that holds an entire bottle of vino, she might well be tempted to use it after a bad day. But the reality is it’ll almost certainly be expelled to the depths of a dark cupboard somewhere.

Step your gift-giving game up. Get some non-gimmicky Christmas gift ideas courtesy of Truprint here.

4) Pyjamas

I’ve heard a few people say “You can never have enough pyjamas!” But, surely you can? Seven nights in a week – seven pairs of pyjamas. That’s enough. Any more than seven pairs and you’re attending too many pyjama parties.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a pyjama party-goer, by the way. But there’s definitely plenty of scope to get someone something that’s even just a teeny, weeny bit more thoughtful and imaginative.

If your intended recipient loves to get cosy on the couch, we’re sure they’ll appreciate a comfy fleece blanket to keep them warm.

5) A Pen

My Dad got my Mum a pen one year. Saying it didn’t go down well is an absolute understatement. Granted, it was a nice pen with the ‘latest rollerball technology’. But at the end of the day, it was a pen.

Can you imagine how you’d feel if you received a pen off a loved one or friend? Exactly. Unless the intended recipient is an old school author and still writes on pen and paper, or a keen pen collector (do they exist?), a pen isn’t a present you probably want to be purchasing.

Up Your Gift-Giving Game This Christmas

Apologies if you’ve gone out and bought one or more items on our list for someone this Christmas. If you haven’t yet done the bulk of your Christmas shopping, be sure to check out our Christmas Gift Ideas and Deals pages for some inspiration on how to up your gift-giving game this Christmas.

We’re also giving a new, exclusive deal every day until Christmas which you can access using Truprint’s online Advent Calendar.