Four Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Why are dads so difficult to buy for? It is always a struggle to think of Fathers Day gift ideas, right? You’ve likely known them for your whole life, and yet when it comes to treating them, you may as well be strangers. As a child, dad probably told you the best things in life are free, so why not echo that sentiment in his present this year? Just remember, although the best things in life are free, this does not excuse you not buying a gift. Trust me, I found this out the hard way #angrydad2016.

Photo gifts are a great way of spoiling your old man with some of his all-time favourite memories to cherish forever.

1. Wedding Day Canvas

Walking down the aisle…. A wedding day provides excellent material for photo gift ideas for Dad.

There are loads of moments from any wedding day that would make a perfect gift for Dad; from walking you down the aisle to the dodgy dancing at the evening do. Put your favourite on a photo canvas and bring a smile to his face every day. If you are a married man, you and dad probably wore matching suits on your big day. If that doesn’t make an epic wall-hanging, I don’t know what does!

2. Dad’s Favourite Places

No photos of you and dad you want to print? Well worry not, reader. Even if you don’t have a photo of you and dad, there are still some personalised gift ideas for you.

You can still produce a stunning piece of art by taking a trip to dad’s favourite local spots. Perhaps you both enjoyed a picnic at a nearby wood? Most dad’s have favourite place, even if its simply a gorgeous photo of his garden or a beloved holiday location. You can turn these photos into a personalised Father’s Day card really simply – and there are lots of designs to suit.

Plus, we all know how much he loves being a taxi service, right?

3. Dad’s Favourite Things

You know that one thing that always makes you smile? (For me it’s a certain boy wizard I can’t mention the name of for copyright reasons) Spend a few moments thinking what makes the dad in your life smile….Whether its a photo of the monster fish he caught, the day he got a new car or a photo of Man’s best Friend.

He love his gadgets? Take a look at personalised photo phone cases for Samsung and iPhone for only £9.99. Upload these simple snapshots of his memories and Truprint will print them perfectly for you, all ready to be wrapped.

Take a look at Photo Mugs – perfect for desk at home or office and make perfect for gifts from the kids for Dad. So simple, and will be so loved.

What are the perfect ideas for Fathers Day Gifts from Truprint - we've got some great ideas for you!

4. Dad And Me – Favourite Moments Photo Book

We’ve done the hard work for you! Take a look at our “Just Like Dad” theme for an incredible gift he’ll treasure. Source pictures from mothers, brothers, aunties, friends…. and pull them all together in a professionally bound photo book. Upload your pics, and your captions and embellish with our designs and his gift is done. All from just £5.99

A great Fathers Day Gift idea is a Photo Book with some of yours, and his, favourite moments from your life within it...

With so many different gifts available through the site, there are options to suit every taste and every budget. From fabulous photo mugs, through to cushions and coasters, the choice is yours!

Pictures and article by Rachael Amos Photography