Putting Mum in the Picture – Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

I have never understood the system used to determine on what date Mother’s Day will fall. Last year it was March 15th and 2014 saw the seemingly completely random March 30th claim the title! Still, this year it will be March 6th; an early one for reasons I can’t explain. You’re welcome.

Historically, my own mother’s gifts have been relentlessly pig-themed. In my youth, she made the mistake of telling me she ‘loved pigs’ and I set out to test that notion year after year. It quickly became apparent that what she actually meant was that she ‘quite liked pigs’ but not enough to fill her entire home with their merchandise. So this March I intend to break the porky trend, and here’s how.

Then and Now Gifts

It’s easy to forget how much our families have changed over the years, so why not produce a tear-jerking present showing the difference between then and now?

Here are two examples of unique gifts that are available on the Truprint site with some of my own family photos included.

I used a baby picture of my brother and I from the ‘Golden Oldies’ album on my mother’s social media to create a notepad; it is amazing what you can find looking through your parent’s Facebook profile ;-).

Don’t you just love the way technology has enhanced our parents’ ability to embarrass us in front of a larger audience?!

Russian Doll Designs

For a fun picture, you could represent your family members using adorable Russian doll versions of yourselves.

This looks great on many of the personalised cards Truprint offers.

Or even on a keyring.

Collage Card

A collage card may take a little longer, but it’s a great way to remind your mum of all the best moments of your childhood. For me, nothing says youth quite like scribbling on the walls and producing works of art for the fridge. For my mother, nothing says parenthood quite like removing said scribbles from walls, having an ever-full diary and making soup as a cure for any ailment.

How she celebrated when I left home at 18! I couldn’t imagine why.

Her Favourite Flowers

For a gift you know she’ll love, you can photograph gorgeous close-ups of floral delights. For the more pro photographers among us, a close-up lens or filter is the kit of choice. However, you can still achieve this effect using simply a humble digital camera and a magnifying glass.

For my picture, I used a pink piece of card as the background and upped the contrast for a bright, colourful finish.

A cushion is the perfect way for mum to exhibit your artwork in her home.

There are many different options available through; from coasters to canvas prints. So much choice in fact, that the words ‘pig gifts’ are but a distant memory for my internet search history. How my mother will be surprised and delighted come March 30th.

Sorry, I meant March 15th…

Oh, I can’t remember!

Rachael Broadhurst is the founder of bespoke photography service Martian Arts Images. Specialising in weddings, studio photography and exhibition art pieces, Rachael was the Official Photographer of the South West Wedding Awards 2015. Her work has featured in Dream Weddings Magazine and she was selected as the Featured Artist (2016) for Bunbury Magazine, Mole Empire and Ink and Arrows Magazine. She has also worked with such names as 36 Crazyfists and The Overtones.

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