Graduation Cards and Photo Gifts

Top 5 Graduation Gift Ideas

So, if you’re stuck for what to give a graduate, this list is here to help you out! Is the graduate your friend? Or your child? No matter who they are to you, one of the gift ideas in our Top Five list will surely serve as a perfect personalised gift for your graduate.

When giving a gift, you want to make sure that the gift to which they can relate; something they enjoy having around. That’s why using photos for personalised gift ideas is always the best. Photos are unbeatable reminders of those moments in our life we want to treasure. Once you’ve picked your idea, visit our Graduation Store

Gift Idea #1 – Photo Books

The beautiful thing about photo books is that they are easier to make than you might think. Just choose your design, book size, and your photos, and you can create your photo book. You can even arrange your pictures, add clip arts, frames, texts, etc. And since these designs are done online, sharing them via social media is quite easy. Check out our photo book designs and we are sure you’ll be able to find one that will suit your taste.

Graduation Photo Book
Photo books serve as one of the best personalised graduation gifts you can give to anyone. Using the person’s photo, a photo of the both of you having fun, in short, photos you know your graduate cherishes, you can create awesome photo books and present them to the graduate as a gift

Gift Idea #2 – Photo Cards

Another awesome graduation gift you can make for your graduate is a photo card. You can send these as a congratulations card, or even as an announcement of the graduation to friends and family. Or an invitation for a graduation party? Simply put, photo cards are like greeting cards but instead of art, ordinary text, etc. you add the pictures of the graduate. In order to make your photo card worth it, it has to be unique. Here are some of our photo card designs.

Personalised Graduation Cards
Creating a photo card is quite easy. In fact, you can create it from your smartphone. It is quite easy and fun to create; you can even import pictures from social media.

Gift Idea #3 – Photo Mugs

Photo mugs are really incredible gift ideas. And perfect for the commute to their new workplace!  All you have to do is print their photos on the mugs. You need to ensure that the print is done by professionals such as Truprint so as to have the desired effect. So, what are you waiting for? Get that graduate a photo mug now!

Personalised Photo Travel Mugs
Every time your graduate makes use of the mug, they’ll relieve the excitement, the fun, and the companionship that you and they have shared; they also relieve their graduation moment, their moment of triumph.

Gift Idea #4 – Phone cases

The Truprint personalised phone case range includes both iPhone and Android devices, all just £9.99. Just add a photo and it will be printed onto a easy clip on protective case. Super simple gift, and you can even choose from a range of designs specifically celebrating graduation.

Personalised Phone Cases
Everybody loves phone cases -grads and younger ones alike. Phone cases from Truprint will be totally unique, with your chosen design and photo – something they can’t buy anywhere else, your own personal creation!

Gift Idea #5 – Canvas Prints

A favourite for proud parents and grandparents. There is a range of canvas for all budgets.  Are you using a family picture, or a picture from a BFF moment? No matter what picture it is, let Truprint help you with your canvas print and watch your graduate come alive in awe.

Graduation Style Photo Canvas Print
The image you select will be printed onto a canvas which is then stretched onto a frame. Decorate the walls with grad pictures – again you can add designs as you choose really simply.


Graduation is one of the most important achievement in everyone’s life. The fact that someone put in their effort, time, and hard work deserves celebrating! Once the certificate is in their hands, reward them with something to remember this moment. A personalised gift means you can not just show that you care about that person, but can show the story of their success,  how you’ve watched them grow from child, to adult. It shows how much you care about their success, and how you’ve been waiting to make this moment one that they will not forget in a hurry.

We hope this helped you find the perfect Graduation Gift  – and congrats to all the grads out there! Visit our Graduation Store

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