Valentine’s Day Gifts That’ll Keep on Giving Long After February 14th

Flowers and chocolates have been go-to Valentine’s Day gifts for years. They’re nice enough but lack sentiment and thought. Neither flowers nor chocolates will last for longer than about a week, either. Imagine giving someone a gift they can cherish for years to come.

When you look at a photo, it takes you back to a memorable moment in time. You vividly remember exactly how you felt at that particular moment in time: the sights; the sounds; the smells – you seldom get a better feeling than the buzz reminiscing with photos gives you.

You know the feeling: warm and fuzzy, with butterflies fluttering right at the bottom of your belly. In that moment, even if only for a short while, nothing else in the world matters. You’re fully-immersed in that memory. You’re reliving it all over again.

With a photo gift, you have the power to give that feeling and that emotion to the one you love. What other gift has the power to do that?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

You could just get a photo printed and stick it in a frame to give to your loved one. If you really wanted to, you could stick with flowers or chocolates.

But what if you want to push the boat out, because he or she is the only fish in the sea you really care about? If you’re looking to get in their good books, think about buying them one (or all?) of these personalised photo gifts:

Canvas Print

Imagine your loved one comes home after a long and very hard day at work. They could do with a bit of a pick-me-up. They walk through the front door, and there is your canvas taking pride of place hanging on the wall in the hallway.

It could be a cherished photo of the two of you on your Honeymoon, a family photo with the kids, or a collage of photos that are closest to your heart. Can you think of any better way to brighten up your loved one’s day?

Photo Books

Most people, at some point, have dreamt about what it would be like to be famous – like a movie star. With a photo book, you and your sweetheart can be the stars of your very own love story: a story told elegantly and emotionally with photographed memories.

A photo book could sit proudly on a shelf as an interior showpiece, or on the coffee table in your lounge for others to flick through when they come round for a cuppa. The choice is yours: it’s your story, and you’re the author.

Photo Blanket

Is there anything better than having a chill out on the couch and watching a film, when the winter weather outside is as bad as it has been recently?

Get the kids to bed, cuddle up and get cosy on the couch this Valentine’s Day with a Personalised Blanket.

Choose from dozens of different designs to add a new dimension to a cosy date night. Get 50% OFF until 2nd February using the code COSYUP18 at checkout.

Teddy Bear

If you fancy going down the more traditional Valentine’s Day gift route and buy something cute, this soft and cuddly Teddy Bear is just the ticket for you. Male or female, who can really resist the charm and the fluffy little Teddy Bear?

Just add your favourite photo to his removable T-shirt, so your loved one can give you a cuddle even when you’re not there.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Even if you decide against getting that special someone a personalised photo gift for Valentine’s Day, please – whatever you do – don’t forget to get them a card. To many people, a card – and the words it contains – is more important than any gift.

Instead of getting a bog-standard card from a supermarket or high-street store, step it up a notch and create an extra-special, personalised Valentine’s Day Card for your #1. Starting from just 75p, it’s not like you’ll even have to break the bank.

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