Christmas Photo Gift Ideas from Truprint

We are approaching that jolly time of year when Santa sneaks out, and puts a smile on the faces of every child, and grown up across the globe. Once in a while though, Santa does get it hideously wrong….some Christmas disasters are legendary, as this rather amazing collection of gifts from the Telegraph shows.

I ask you, who would actually want a dressing gown like Del Boy’s fleece from Only Fools and Horses, nevermind the bacon wallet! *looks to the heavens*

Some of our lovely Facebook fans have experienced the lows of Christmas gifts as well, check out the Truprint Facebook page for the discussion, and join in to share some of your Christmas disasters too…

Christmas Photo Gift Ideas

As you can see, there are lots of “interesting” gifts given at this time of year.

How can YOU avoid that awkward moment when you realise you have been given a tea cosy in the shape of a hedgehog, though?

Perhaps you can drop some very subtle hints about what you would like from our site, that’s what?!!?

We have some great offers on at the moment, so why not choose some of these Truprint Christmas photo gifts for yourself or your friends? Even better, give them a personalised card that you have bought with our SENDJOY code and you can not only save 20%, but also £1 from ever Order goes to When You Wish Upon a Star as well. More details on the site.

How about some of our wonderful Christmas photo ornaments? Hang your favourite photos on your tree, for everyone to admire, and for Santa to spot as he leaves all those wonderful gifts for the family.

If you would rather give something that will create a lasting memory for the whole of 2015, why not a personalised calendar?

Pick out those dates that have a special meaning and add a photo to them if you want as well. Perhaps you would like a picture of your daughter on her birthday, or a wedding photo on an anniversary? If you nip over to our website, we have a great offer on calendars at the moment; 50% off!

Christmas Photo Books

Finally, make Christmas memories sparkle, with the photo book collections that we have. We keep our photo books simple to make….

…so that you can have years of happy memories displayed in a beautiful, and well designed book that you and your friends and family will cherish for years.

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Happy Shopping!