Fathers Day Present ideas to make them smile

Fathers Day Presents to Make Dad Smile

Fathers Day Present ideas to make them smile

Buying Father’s Day presents is not an easy task. My Dad is impossible to buy for; mainly because:

  • a) despite being in his 70s he still thinks he is in his 30s
  • b) I don’t get his tastes; cord and loafers, they just aren’t for me.

However, like many fathers out there, buying presents for them gets that little bit easier when we can take photographs that we know they will love, and develop them into a lasting memory, or even better, an original present.

Father’s Day Presents

This is where Truprint can come in… so here are our top four ideas for Father’s Day presents to really make those Dads grin on their big day:

Use their kids drawings

The beauty of the digital world is that you can take a picture of anything, and turn it into something really special.

Why not take one of your child’s favourite drawings, perhaps even of their Dad, and photograph it. Then you can add it to any of the personalised products that Truprint sells to give on Fathers Day? You can choose anything from our personalised wall art and canvases, to our wonderful mugs. You could even collect a few images together and create a calendar for the office with a new drawing every month!

You can see how beautiful a collage of drawings can look on the wall below…

Fathers Day Present ideas to make them smile

Create a boasting book

Who doesn’t like to play the proud father? Why not put together some of the best photos of Dads with their children.

The book could have a theme to it, for example on a particular holiday. Alternatively, you might choose to show the way a relationship has developed over time.

Our photo books come in many different shapes and sizes, so they can even take them out to share with friends. The flipbooks and minis in our range are perfect for this.

Fathers Day presents: Photo books

Give them a funky gadget

Dads love a gadget, right? So a 3D animated Phone case could be ideal. Choose of photo of the kids, and you have a wonderful personalised present. Go to town and have some fun!

Animated photo gift

Encourage them to play with their kids

Jigsaws are a wonderful gift. Hours of fun can be had making them. All you need to do is then break them up; just so you can start all over again!

They are an ideal pastime for parents and kids to play together; a great way to spend time with each other while your child is learning. Choose some of a father’s favourite pictures to create some wondeful jigsaws that they can spend time building with their kids.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Fathers Day presents jigsaws

Once you have decided on your gifts, don’t forget our range of Fathers Day cards to go with them.

Fathers Day Cards

If you are still stumped for what to buy, there are more Fathers Day present ideas on the website; so do pop along.

Happy hunting!

Photo credit: nuttakit – freedigitalphotos.com