Halloween Gifts to Get Your Teeth Into

It IS Chocolate week, but most of us have one eye on the Choccy wrapper and another on a set of vampire’s teeth as Halloween approaches. Some of us are also looking at Halloween gifts for friends and family.

You may think that Truprint isn’t necessarily the place to come as you prepare for the 31st October, but you would be wrong.

Halloween Gifts

There are a number of ideas for Halloween gifts this year, to help make those Halloween parties and Treat or Treat nights as spooky as you want:

Spooktakular Halloween Invitations

We have some boo-tiful designs within our invites for Halloween parties, so why not help some spooky land on your mates mats with one of these cool Halloween party invites?

Decorate the house with Halloween past

Get your guests, and even the Trick or Treaters in the mood, with prints from your Halloween celebrations in prevous years. You can pop a poster on the window to let kids know they are welcome, as well as the pumpkin on the doorstep. Even better, maybe along with the fantastic sweeties you give your guests or doorsteip visitors, you can sneak a scary sticker in their bags!

Sprinkle a bit of magic over their mugs

Truprint have some wonderful mugs, as I am sure you all know BUT did you realise that some of them have been dusted with a bit of magic from the land of the fairies? The photos only appear AFTER you have poured a hot drink into them, the perfect Haloween party trick. As far as Halloween gifts go, Magic mugs are an excellent idea for parties, particularly if you use a spooky photo to reveal.

A keepsake of years gone by

We have a wonderful Halloween gifts for photo books where you can get 40% off and free postage with code SAVE50BOOK. You could share Halloween pictures with your guests, and get inspiration for the future. They might even create a talking point to help break the ice at a party.

We have you have some good ideas from us now – do join us over on Facebook and Twitter for more offers, fun and frivolity, and of course chocolate!

If anyone would like the guest blog for us, do please let us know by emailing, we would love to have those of you with a passion for photography, or crafts with prints and photographs.

Photo credit: / jannoon028