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Home Preserves – Or Pickle Your Tickles

Summer is finally here. How do we know? Because short-sleeves are in, legs are out and it’s raining. Hard. Welcome to Britain… the world’s waterpark. Free wellies on entry.

Yet, even when sad and soggy, a British summer is still one of our most favourite things. In fact, it tends to hold such an abundance of treats, sometimes we can barely contain ourselves. Why? Because when the sun finally comes out, the cameras come out too.

And when the cameras come out, life shrugs off its cold season knitwear, races for the sun lounger and, cold drink in hand, struts its funky stuff by the pool. And, like your Dad at a summer wedding, sometimes, just sometimes, things can go…

Unforgettably Right

Remember that super-hot day in ‘86? Crammed in that super-hot car, next to that super-hot pool of sick, heading to super-cool Bognor? Remember the crazy summer of ‘99 when Aunt Suzie finally danced like she meant it? Like she meant to dance but fell over instead?

Remember making that perfect swan dive into that packed pool in ‘05 and then posing proudly for a photo as your swimming trunks slowly rose to the surface next to you?


Do you ever look back on those distant summer days of being blown over, bowled over, pushed over, fought over, won over, hungover, tired all over, wet all over, burnt all over… and remember them with fondness?

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the photos. Perhaps in an old family album, or in faded green photo wallets.


Get Jiggy With It

There’s a difference between a picture and a jigsaw. In a jigsaw, the weirdest looking pieces make the perfect fit. A jigsaw is incomplete when they’re missing and, yet, a complete jigsaw makes a complete picture. Well, we believe that’s true of our lives too.

It’s not the perfectly-aligned landscape or the perfectly-staged selfie we believe will be remembered. At least not with fondness. When you’re looking back, when you want to see the complete picture, it will be the rough-and-ready recollections of the real times in your life that you’ll replay.

📸 Photo Credit: Ben Darby

And, having the pictures to hand to relive it will be vital. Because, they’re the remember whens. The remember whys. The remember who, what, where and hows. They tell your story. It might not be a perfect story, but it’s a real one. It’s you in your real make-up. Isn’t that worth something? Replay and they’ll repay.

But, think about this. What if you didn’t have them? Those pictures. Or worse, what if you never took them at all? Or, even worse, what if you had them, but lost them forever?

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

And that word is Photo Book. Well, actually that’s two. We think of it as one, though – with a pause for your thoughts and a space for your pictures.

It’s called a Photo Book because it hopes to tells a story. So, how about this? Why not start now? Why not catch up with those old friends, old moments, old memories? Why not catch up with yourself? Fast forward to the beginning. Why not honour your story right now and the people in it?

Or why not make a promise right here to treat future friends, future moments, and future stories with the honesty life deserves? So that hopefully, when you look back, you’ll come to appreciate that there are no bad bits. It can all be re-used. Rehashed. Replayed.


So go. Go now and gather. Harvest the motliest, most awkwardly-shaped crew of memories you can find. We dare you. 1, 10, 20, 100, 1000. It doesn’t matter. Our Photo Books can take it. Put those piccies in their place. Maybe dress the summer of 2018 in linen. Repackage that package holiday. Make the past come alive. Put yourself on display. Dance like your Dad at that wedding, but this time finally shine, in gloss.

A Photo Book is a jigsaw, a time-machine, a memory bank all rolled into one. It’s a library of lost stories.

Adventures in amber. It’s not just a collection of boring, old pics. Never call it a collection. Call it a recollection. A recollection of good times. A recollection of the truth. It’s not just a book, it’s a fable for the coffee table. You get the picture.

We all only get to tell one story. And we have that book inside us. Preserve it. Please. For you and for future generations. Grin and share it. It’s not hard. It’s your life preserved.

And remember. Photo Books are for life – not just for the holidays!


Home Preserved

We’ve been selling home preserves for well over 30 years. Life holds so much we just have to contain it. Not dodgy looking chutney, nor the gloopy spoon traps some people call Jam. Proper home preserves. We preserve the fruit of your summers past. We preserve your stories. We preserve the tears. We preserve the tickles.

Tickles and tears. That’s life summed up right there.

So get on out there and get taking those photos. It’s summer people. Harvest don’t crop. Tickle those turnips. Cuddle up to those courgettes. And, while you’re at it, take a picture.

Then print it. And pickle it in Photo Books.

It’s not preserved until it’s printed.


📸 Feature Image Photo Credit: Tara Sanders