How to Create a Scrapbook-Style Travel Photo Book ✈ 📷

‘Wanderlust’ [won-der-luhst]: a word with German roots meaning a “strong, innate desire to travel.” Even for the home birds amongst us, the lure of golden sands or far-away City sights and smells is sometimes too strong to ignore.

And who can blame us? Sipping Sangria and sunning ourselves on a sandy beach? Exploring the beautiful British countryside or historic European city sights? Yes, please! Traveling and exploring is often exactly what the doctor ordered.

From Milan to the Maldives, and Switzerland to Shanghai, we create – and document – more happy memories than ever when we’re traveling.

Snap-Happy Holidays

So many memories, in fact, that the average Brit takes approximately 25 photos every day on holiday – that’s 350 snaps over a two-week break abroad.

10% of Brits even admit to taking 50 or more photos every day! That’s a lot of photos: a lot of happy memories that deserve to be remembered and reminisced about for years to come.

Creating a scrapbook or photo album containing favourite travel memories is a rite of passage for any seasoned traveller or holiday-goer – and technology now makes it even easier to create a Travel Photo Book with an authentic scrapbook style, look and feel.

Travel Photo Books














Available with dozens of different designs and layouts, Travel Photo Books from Truprint give you the freedom ‘scrapbooking’ provides, with a polished, premium and quality product that’ll last for years to come.

Travel Photo Books do come with a warning, though: Once you’ve created one, it becomes something of an obsession!

Just ask Roshni Patel (A.K.A ‘The Wanderlust Within’) – a Truprint customer and popular Instagram travel blogger. Roshni has created in excess of 60 (six zero!) Photo Books to document her different trips abroad over the years.

Creating a Travel Photo Book: Top Tips

If you’re reading this you’ve either never made a Travel Photo Book before, or you’re looking for some inspiration before you set to work on your own. Keep reading for our four top tips you can consider when creating yours.

1. Use Embellishments and Fonts for an Authentic Feel

With dozens of different fonts, travel-themed embellishments and icons available, you can retain the authentic feel of a traditional travel scrapbook, but give it a modern-yet-handmade look.

From city names to stamps, and famous landmarks to travel quotes and sayings, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to make your Travel Photo Book truly unique.

Check out some of the Truprint travel embellishments you can choose from:

2. Marry Memories With Scenic Snaps

Using a collage layout, you can reminisce and remember the sights, sounds and smells of your travel adventures on a single page.

Instead of grouping photos of you, your friends and family, consider marrying your memories with some scenic snaps of your holiday surroundings. Not only does this style of layout look the part, it’ll add a level of context (and envy!) for anyone having a browse of your travel snaps over a coffee and some cake over at your place.

3. Get Creative with Collages

Collages are a great way of displaying multiple travel photos together in a single-page layout. They’re also brilliant for photographic storytelling. Think about grouping images together separate collage layouts – possibly chronologically – to tell your travel tale from start-to-finish.

Choose a gloss finish to truly bring your photos to life and make those sea-blues really pop on the page.

4. ‘Autofill’ for Super-Fast Scrapbooking!

Whether you’re a time-poor parent, a busy professional, or a retiree with a lively social life, your time is the most precious of life’s commodities. The less time you have to spend doing something, the better!

Good job you can create your Travel Photo Book in a matter of minutes using the ‘Autofill’ function then, isn’t it? Using the Truprint website or mobile app, you can even upload your Mediterranean memories or Seychelles snaps straight from your mobile.

For further guidance on how to create your own Photo Book, watch this short step-by-step video.