Making the Most of Wedding Photos

Celebrate, Remember. Print your Wedding Photos!

With the average cost of a wedding photographer in the region of £1000 (Brides Magazine 2016) then you really want to make sure you are making the best use of all those photos!

Whether it’s you or a loved one walking up the aisle, you want to tell the tale.

With so many memories and photos, a photo book is the simplest way to bring them all together and share with friends and family. And you don’t have to had a traditional wedding to make your fairy tale book! I got married in a drive through in Vegas, but by pulling all my fantastic honeymoon photos off my phone and into a book, my family still felt like they had been there with me to share the day.

Wedding Photo Book
With a rang of sizes, layouts and finishing touches there is a Photo Book to suit every occasion

So many photos! Where to start…

Do you have the most incredible idea of what you want, but hundreds of photos? Fear not. You can use upload tools to grab all your photos for nearly every platform or device.

Truprint can import photos from multiple devices and sites such as Instagram and Facebook, and collate them into albums for you. It will also even let you know if the photos are of good enough quality – how clever is that?

Upload Photos From Your Mobile Device, PC And Social Networks
Upload Photos From Your Mobile Device, PC And Social Networks. (Yep, Thats a Photo Phone Case!)

How To Tell An Amazing Story

Here are a few tricks to perfect your Photo Book. First, make sure your personalised book tells a story. Consider the flow of time, and use your photos to narrate it. Doing it chronologically is a great idea, from engagement, to hen and stag parties, right through to the wedding day.

We think Photo Books are all about photos right? Well you can add a LOT to your book by adding words! Think about the moments that went along with the photo, the sights, the smells, the feelings you were having….Could you smell your husband-to-be’s delicious aftershave? Were there any birds singing? How delicious was the food? What special people did you see there, how did it make you feel? When you went to sleep that evening, what were the last thoughts through your mind…It takes a little time, but its so worth it.

How To Set Your Perfect Layout

Give your pictures breathing space. Don’t try and crowd too many together. There are literally dozens of layouts for you, but sometimes just a single photo per page is perfect for that photo you especially love. Books can have up to 150 pages, so you have loads of room to play.

You can be as consistent and low-key with your design, or as wild and wacky with it as you like – whatever suits your personality! Take some time to browse the huge array of embellishments that you can add onto your pages – as they can really add to the individuality of your book.

Wedding Photo Books from Truprint
Dozens Of Layouts For Any Wedding Photo Book. Arranging Content By Hour, Day And Week Ensures Your Personalised Book Has Perfect Flow!


We hope you found this helpful!

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