Make 2017 a Year to Remember Forever with a Photo Book

It’s easy to forget just how many incredible memories you’ve captured in a calendar year. Once captured, many photos are at risk of remaining only as a piece of digital data on our desktop and mobile devices.

If you give your smartphone gallery a quick scan now, you’ll be surprised at how many memorable moments you captured in 2017.

Your Year, Your Memories

Holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and new additions to the family are just some of the memories you might have captured last year – all of which are worthy of starring in your very own story.

Photo Books are the best way of collating and visualising your cherished pictures so that you, your children and your children’s children can reminisce about the good times for years to come.

Unlike the retro photo albums littered around your loft – the type that tend to be in tatters after a few flicks through – Photo Books are durable and built to last.

Whether it’s for yourself, or a gift for friends or family, Photo Books enable you to become the author of a visual story that can be enjoyed and passed down from generation to generation.

Personalising Your Photo Book

Burnt out by the busy Christmas period and lacking inspiration, but want to turn your memorable moments into a personalised Photo Book? Let us help to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are some tips and ideas on how you can personalise your very own Photo Book:

Cross-Page Layout

With a Layflat Photo Book, you can spread a single image seamlessly across two pages – perfect for landscape family photos and scenic holiday snaps. With up to 100 pages available, there’s plenty of scope to spread some of your favourite photos across two pages without having to leave some pictures out.

Subject-Specific Designs

If you’re creating a Photo Book containing various different photos from last year, choose from one of our ‘Year in Review’ designs, such as ‘Family Yearbook’ or ‘Life is an Adventure’.

You might, instead, decide to create a Photo Book to remember your little one’s first year in the world, or create a Wedding Photo Book. There are dozens of different designs for you to choose from – the choice is well and truly yours!

Embellishments & Fonts

Pick from an array of classy and fun embellishments for every occasion to make your 2017 story extra special. You can even annotate each photo and page with anecdotes or memoirs, just like you would in a traditional yearbook or scrapbook.

Go a step further and make your annotations stand out with a wide range of fonts – all at no extra cost (because we’re good like that 😉)

How to Create a Photo Book

Creating a Photo Book online with Truprint is easy. Watch the short ‘How To’ video below to see how you can create a Photo Book in a few simple steps:

Part of the Furniture

Unlike those big, bulky traditional photo albums, Photo Books from Truprint don’t need to be boxed up and demoted to the loft to spend the rest of their days gathering dust.

Sleek and sophisticated with a choice of luxury covers and finishes, your Photo Book would make a fine coffee table feature, for friends and family to flick through when they come to visit.

You never know – they might even be pleasantly surprised to see they star in you 2017 story, too!

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