Photo Calendars

Mark This Date on Your Calendar – NOW!

At the tail end of every year, as the nights draw in, something happens. Something strange. Something ancient. Something uniquely human. Calendar shopping begins.

October to December is classic Calendar Season.

All over the world, more calendars will be bought during these three months than at any other time of the year. And not just a few calendars either. Online and on the high street, for personal use, or to give as a gift, tens of millions of calendars will be purchased in the UK alone.

Really? Really.

Glossy picture calendars? Like the ones we had on our fridge?

Yes. From pets to pop stars, from tractors to trains, and everything else in between. Even vegetables.

So you’re actually telling me that, in this age of portable digital diaries, there are people STILL BUYING AND USING PAPER CALENDARS WITH PICTURES OF VEGETABLES ON THEM?

Yes. LOTS OF THEM. Calendars, that is. Not necessarily of vegetables.

Why is this still happening? And, more importantly, who are those people?

It takes time to know Time

You are those people. You. Real people.

Calendar sales do not lie. Every year, without fail, there is still significant real-world demand for printed Calendars.

Which means there is still a real need for them. Which, in turn, means something else too:

The PAPER calendar must satisfy a need, or needs, that the ELECTRONIC calendar can’t.

So what could that be?

Well, let’s look briefly at what a calendar does.

  • A calendar standardises, names and orders Time itself. Because of it, we know the days, the weeks, the months, the years, the seasons. And because of that, we know roughly where along the passage of time we are. That’s important. For everyone. Not just those that like to meet up for a coffee.
  • Knowing WHEN we are, enables us to learn, plan, prioritise and anticipate. We can link the present with the future. The future with the past. We can compare. We can hope. We can dream.
  • It also allows us to remember, honour and celebrate moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. In doing so, it makes Time much more personal. It becomes memorable. It becomes our own time.
  • And, it enables us to set boundaries and limits to our own time ensuring, for example, that work does not overlap into personal time, and vice versa. It doesn’t restrict us. It frees, and it empowers us. It almost makes us feel like we have control over time itself. Like Dr Who.

Basically, a calendar helps us organise our lives in the face of uncertainty and, if we wish, allows us to do it on paper.

Handy things, aren’t they? Well, it gets better.

Let’s get Physical

Grab a pen or pencil. Find some paper. Now write the word Truprint.

Now, unlock your phone (we know you have one) and type the word Truprint. Does it feel different?

Of course it does. And our brain knows it too.

Studies show that our brains handle writing and typing very differently. Writing activates larger areas; specifically those involved with thinking, language and working memory. Typing does not.

When we’re older, it’s apparently easier to learn by making written notes than by typing them. When we’re children, it’s apparently easier to learn the alphabet and to recognise letters when reading, if we have previously written them down.

Put simply, the act of writing something, rather than typing it, is good for the memory and good for the brain. It seems the inventors of paper calendars were on to something after all.

Can you remember what happens tomorrow?

Do you know what your future holds? You could. Kind of.

Photo Calendars are a great gift for yourself and others at any time of the year. Don’t believe us? Visit our website and see for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Honestly, you thought calendars were boring? Not a chance!

Take a look.

You’ll find premium photo calendars, traditional kitchen/cork calendars, desk calendars. You’ll discover luxurious customisable diaries. You can change layouts to suit your schedule. And to complement and personalise them further, you’ll struggle to choose from dozens of fabulous eye-catching designs and beautiful backgrounds.

Calendars don’t have to look impersonal, boring, formal and tired to work. Not ours anyway. Why not create something that reflects your personality? Why not create next year’s photo calendar the way you’d like to live it? Why not:

  • Make it fun and funky for the wall at home.
  • Make it simple, elegant and understated for your desk at work.
  • Make it a bright and colourful gift full of moments to share.
  • Or leave it empty, yet full of possibility for your life to fill.

On our website, you can upload your photos, customise, personalise and play to your heart’s content. When you have the time, of course.

Times Up

Digital calendars can feel impersonal.

Admit it. If you’ve ever tried to keep one, deep down, it feels like WORK.

It doesn’t feel like we own our time, or that we’re even in charge of it. Not in the way a paper calendar does.

It’s like looking through a window at our life going on elsewhere – A life that somebody or something else is privy to and will not stop badgering us about. It can feel complicated, tedious, businesslike, intrusive and even anxiety-inducing.

Which brings us to another concern with digital/electronic calendars:

  • Can we be absolutely sure our digital information is safe?
  • Can we be certain it’s absolutely private and secure?

Nobody can.

Today, if you lose your phone/tablet/computer, you almost lose your identity. So much of our personal information is stored electronically it’s frightening; photos, contacts, e-mails, bank details, calendars.

If you’re clever/lucky, your information has been backed up/synchronised to another tablet/personal computer.

If you’re really switched on, you’ll have printed and preserved it.

If you’re really really smart you won’t care, because you’ll just walk over to your lovely photo calendar and check what you’re doing today. And then, you’ll make yourself a cup of tea in one of our TruPrint mugs and chill.

Don’t get us wrong, digital calendars and diaries can be very useful…when they’re simple, secure, accessible, and when they work.

In fact, we’re quite sure they’ll functionally seamlessly alongside your paper calendar.

Who knows where the time goes?

Living a modern digital life is hectic.

One moment it’s ignoring you, the next it’s frantically begging for your attention. We’re being poked, pinged, alerted, notified, bothered all day long by trivial, unnecessary things.

Screen time is increasing. Attention spans are decreasing – the average attention span is apparently now down to around 8 seconds in length. We’ll repeat that.

The average attention span is now down to around 8 seconds in length.

And, not surprisingly, associated mental health disorders are on the rise. It’s clear to everyone that something is wrong.

Yet, what’s also clear is that our electronic devices are not coming to the rescue any time soon. In fact, they’re the ones being blamed for pushing us under. So, what can we do?

Go back to basics. Lay down our electronic lives for a while. Slow down. Step back. Live simpler.

Over the next few months, millions of people will discover the key to calmly handling such chaos and uncertainty again, or at least recognise it. It’s a simple key.

You can hold it in your hands. You can doodle on it. You can personalise and play with it.

It’s yours. You own it. So now go own the time on it too. And make it a regular date. You and life.

Truprint: Time YOU Preserved