What Makes the Perfect Framed or Canvas Prints?

There’s a space on the wall of your newly-decorated room that’s absolutely shouting out for some show-stopping centrepieces. Framed Photos or Canvas Prints that are going to give your room the wow factor. Now all you’ve got to decide is: what type of photo or graphic should you choose to make the perfect print?

We know you’re a busy bunch, so we’ve done the thinking for you! Here are our seven top subject matters for your Framed or Canvas Prints:

Scenic Shots

You don’t even have to be a country-hopping globetrotter to snap stunning scenic shots. The beautiful British landscape provides ample photo opportunities. You probably already have a heap of scenic shots that’d be perfect as Framed Prints or Canvas Prints.

Even if you don’t, there are plenty of free online resources – like Pexels – you can use to download scenic shots that are out of this world.

Pet Pics

At times when you really need someone, your beloved pet is always there. They never fail to put a smile on your face. So, why not have them take pride of place on your wall, too? If nothing else, you’ll get a fair few heartfelt “Awwww”s from visitors the next time they come round for a coffee.

Here’s George the Dachshund with the 8×8″ Slim Canvas Print his human (a Truprint customer) had printed to hang on her wall:

Family Photos 

Family photos are a firm favourites in most homes around the world. Rightly so! Holidays, days out, and major milestones all provide precious memories that should be printed, showcased and celebrated. Check out Truprint customer Taryn’s 5×5″ Photo Print collage:

Patterns & Graphics

Whilst most people choose to frame photos or have them transferred onto Canvas Prints, you don’t have to necessarily use a photo. In fact, it’s increasingly common and  über-trendy to use abstract patterns and colourful graphics instead.

Using sites like FreePic, you can download patterns and graphics, upload to Truprint and purchase a Framed or Canvas Print.

*NB: Always check the copyright and usage rights before downloading and printing any third-party patterns or graphics.

Check out the fantastic Framed Prints below, printed by Truprint for one of our customers. Aren’t they stunning?

Instagram Images

How often do you actually scroll through the photos you’ve previously posted on Instagram? Hardly ever, right? Once posted, they’re kind of forgotten about – especially if you’re a serial Instagrammer.

Have a flick back through your pics and you’ll see you’ve posted some absolute gems! Choose a few of your favourites and have each of them printed as an 8×8” Canvas Print or 8×8” Photo Print, just as our customer, Neil, did:

Street Art Snaps

Whether street art is your thing or not, there’s absolutely no denying that it makes for stunning, visually-striking Wall Art. The colours, patterns and creativity clearly abundant in street art are perfect for creating a centrepiece.

Either use your own photos of street art, or download beautiful free images from a site like Unsplash. Then, choose from dozens of different size Canvas Prints or Framed Prints at Truprint.


There’s no interior design rule that says you can’t mix things up a little bit. Consider using a variety of different size Canvas Prints and Framed Prints, and a mixture of the subject matters highlighted above – from scenic snaps to family photos.

The result is a trendy Wall Art or mantelpiece masterpiece that wouldn’t look out of place in a hipster’s home.

Place Your Wall Art Like a Pro

Have you given any thought to the variety of ways you could potentially place your Wall Art once it arrives? In a recent blog, we highlighted five ideas for Wall Art layouts:

  1. The Centrepiece
  2. The Trusty Trio
  3. The Nonconformist
  4. The Mixer
  5. Higgledy-Piggledy Chic
Read the full blog for inspiration here.

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