Valentines Day Photo Gift Ideas

“Every day I love you, but today you get flowers.”

As Valentine’s Day draws near, it is difficult not to feel the overwhelming pressure to spoil our loved ones with lavish gifts and pricey trinkets. Just remember, it’s often the small, meaningful gestures that mean the most to our significant others. At least, what’s what I tell my husband each year, as he fake-smiles at his inexpensive gift.

So how can Truprint help you create the perfect Valentine’s surprise? We have a few Valentines Photo gifts on the site, but let’s start with the card.

If you’ve ever been given a ring by your partner, this is a great start; to the card, I mean, although it obviously doesn’t hurt the relationship!

By placing the ring around a specific word in a dictionary or thesaurus, you can create an effective photograph that works perfectly on a Valentine’s Card. I have chosen the somewhat predictable word ‘love’, although you are welcome to use a word that means something more to you.

If, like me, you can often be found scrolling through social media doing not much of anything at all; why not use that time more efficiently by finding old memories of you and your spouse for a Valentine’s masterpiece? A photo canvas could work perfectly here.

Here I have created a ‘firsts’ collage for my husband’s card using old pictures from the web. As I didn’t have a picture from our first date (it was a little early to request selfies at that point), I photographed the dress I wore for it instead.

Alternatively, the pictures could be made into beautiful 6×4 prints and placed inside of a different card as keepsakes. Stunning colour prints are available from from just 5p each so there’s no reason not to take a good long Valentine’s stroll down memory lane. If you’re truly adept at social media searching (AKA a millennial), you could even turn your numerous memories into a Truprint photo book. Perfect bespoke photo gifts available from just £5.99! We’ve got loads of other photo gifts to choose from too!

If you’re the type of hopeless romantic who hordes every small memoir of your relationship, your moment has finally come.

By photographing your collection, you can create an excellent piece of personalised wall art. For mine, I have used drink tokens from my honeymoon, RSVPs from my wedding invitations and my groom’s cuff links.

Thank goodness my inability to throw away old tat has actually come in handy for once!

Truprint offer a range of unique wall-hangings available from just £9.99. So there you have it; a selection of weird and wonderful Valentine’s creations to astound and befuddle your significant other. There should now be no excuse for last minute petrol-station flowers or corner shop chocolates!

Not that material things matter that much anyway…


Pictures and article by Rachael Amos Photography