Photo Mugs,  True to Life

Brew to Life

First thing in the morning. 7:00am *Alarm*. Open one eye. Stare at alarm. Yuck! Swipe. 10 more minutes. 7:10am *Alarm again*. Open one eye. Send message to other eye. 7:11am Stare doubly hard at alarm. Sigh. Turn off alarm.

7:12am Throw back the covers. Lie there. Stare at the ceiling.

7:15am Swing legs out of bed. Urge body upright. Stay still until the world stops moving too.

7:16am Somehow navigate to the kitchen. Fill kettle. Catch your reflection. Oh dear!

7:17am Find favourite breakfast mug to reflect your morning mood. 

📸 Photo on Mug: Di Smith

7:30am Think about showering; the school run; the day ahead.

📸 Photo on Mug: Lana Garside

9:30am Morning meeting. You made it. Let’s do this. You’re all ears. 

📸 Photo on Mug: Kevin Springmoor

11:00am Multi-tasking now. On fire. So many hats. 

12:30 pm Lunchtime. Parched. 

📸 Photo on Mug: Louise Parkinson

2:30pm Afternoon break. Will this day ever end? 

📸 Photo on Mug: Cate Green

2:45pm Energy renewed. Let’s show ’em. 

📸 Photo on Mug: Amelia Eddershaw

4:00pm Winding down. Reflect on what you’ve accomplished. 

📸 Photo on Mug: Veronica Massey

4:30pm Looking forward to home.

📸 Photo on Mug: Rebecca Morrissey

9:00pm Tired. Sleepy. And it’s only Monday too. Is the weekend really that far away? 

📸 Photo on Mug: Emma Wilkinson

What a day. Absolutely Brewtiful. A performance piece. 

A Day for Discussion Over a Cuppa

Exactly when people first started putting faces on drinkware is a difficult question to find an answer to. Toby Jugs have been around for centuries. Face jugs even longer. But one thing they all have in common is that they have a social function.

Drinking, whether it be tea, coffee, water, or any of your other favourite beverages, has always found itself perfectly at home in social groups. If you’re drinking a liquid, you have to have something to put it in. Not just your stomach. And, If you can make a statement while drinking, then brilliant. Even better. That’s added social esteem. Added interest. Added kudos. A new discussion point for that next drink. 

And, what better way to add interest to that social occasion than to nod with two heads at a point well made? Or tilt your head attentively… without spilling a drop? Or make eye contact… without making eye contact? 

Hence, mugs designed as heads and shoulders. Mugs of entire people. Mugs with faces on. 

Sharing a drink, a brew, while putting the world to rights, or just quietly enjoying somebody else’s company, has been happening since time immemorial. It’s hydration plus happiness. It’s human. It’s vital.

A Mug on a Mug

No matter who you are, or pretty much where you are, you can quickly and easily personalise and put your own mug, or somebody else’s mug, on a Mug now too.

Aside from the simple fact that you can.. why would you?

You see your own face enough in the mirror. Why the heck would you want that stretched around a piece of fine porcelain, or imprinted on a reusable Water Bottle?

Well here are five reasons why for a start:

  1. Because it’s fun. You do still have “fun” don’t you?
  2. Because it’s silly. You don’t take life that seriously do you?
  3. Because you can. It’s as simple as “selfie, send, slurp“.
  4. Because your face deserves it. It deserves to be looking out and noticing. It deserves to be noticed. It deserves to be involved. Your head deserves to be full. And then emptied. And then full again.
  5. It doesn’t have to be your face. There are plenty more faces out there to enjoy a cuppa with. Who would you love to share a drink with? Who would you want to be with when you’re spending some quiet time alone? 

And that’s just 5 reasons. We could think of many more. 

It doesn’t have to be just a single Photo Mug. You could have mugs for different occasions – as you do with your own real-life “mug”. Mugs for different days. Mugs for different times of the day/year. Mugs for different moods. A contemplative Photo Mug. A thoughtful Photo Mug. A festive Photo Mug. Or, a happy one. 

Be Brew to Life

It doesn’t even have to be a mug. Any drinkware can be personalised now. It could be a tough, take-it-anywhere reminder of home in the form of a Travel Mug. It could be a water bottle – a half-a-litre of hydration happiness that you use whilst exercising, as a reminder of who’s waiting for you when you get back home.

It just requires a little imagination. And we know you have that.


It’s not cheap, tacky and gimmicky. Think of it as part of a tradition going back hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s social. Friendly. Fun. And it upsets the status quo. Which is what those brew breaks are about right?

It’s a philosophy for your tea break philosophising. Like True to Life.  Let’s call it Brew to Life.

Consider it a “pic-me-up” so to speak. And what it’s saying is. Face up. Get a handle on it. So, let’s bring that Brew to Life. And, if you’re still not convinced, think of it like this…

It’s not a mug with a face on it. It’s a face with a mug attached. 

In the same way as…

It’s not life with you attached. It’s you with life attached.

So..fancy a drink? Fancy a “pic-me-up”? Hand us your mug, then.

Truprint: Printing your Best Face Forward