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Can You Really Trust Clouds?

Anvil-headed. Fluffy. Wide-bottomed. Wispy streaks of grey. No, we’re not talking about your Uncle Bill. We’re talking about clouds. We’ve seen millions of clouds over the years. And a fair few over the last week or two. They lend perspective and add drama to even the most boring of photos.

We love them. Especially the thumb-shaped ones. But, there’s also something weird and unsettling about those woolly wanderers. The closer you get to them, the friendlier you become with them, the less you discover is actually there.


That memory stick you have. That one, next to that old phone you’re keeping… just in case? No, sorry… that’s not it. Well then maybe it’s in that pile of old memory sticks, next to that box of old memory cards, right next to that stack of old rewritable DVDs, above that drawer full of old photo CDs?

Yep, there it is. That’s the one. The one with the last photo of Mum. That one. Just there. But is it? Just there?

Blink and you’ll miss it.

In our industry, the speed of modern technology can be blinding. It can quickly outpace the skill and understanding of the average person within the blink of an eye. But, of course, you don’t have any of that old fashioned technology we just mentioned above do you? And you’re not the “average” person are you? You’ve kept up. Moved with the zeitgeist.

You know the difference between cloud sync, cloud storage, cloud backup. You use that free storage here, free storage there. You’ve perfected photo taking, photo archiving, photo sharing. You condemn photo shaming. You follow the rule of three when it comes to storing and archiving your photos.

Yep, you’re cool and ‘with it’ and tech savvy. And all of your piccies are safely snuggled up together somewhere up there in the clouds. In the cloud. Aren’t they?


Of course, the “cloud” we’re referring to is the virtual one. The one where things nowadays almost seem to end up being stored by default. Especially your photos.

It’s an amazing thing this “cloud”. It’s made photography, sharing and access so much easier. It’s great. But, like actual clouds, it does not come without the risk of bad weather.

Think Picture. Think Privacy. Think Preservation.

Do you know where they are? Do you know how they are? Do you know if and when you’ll see them again? Not only should such questions apply to loved ones, they should also apply to your pictures too.

Your real-life, loved moments. Chances are you’re one of the millions of people who simply just rely on the cloud for support. Who rely on those moments and memories being safe, private and accessible at some point, in some way, at some time, in the future.

Well we care about your moments at Truprint. We wish everyone of your moments was memorable. We love to see what you’ve captured. We want you to remember those moments. We don’t sell cameras, we place value on the moments they preserve.

It makes us sad to think that you might have thousands of pictures stored that you never look at. Those photos of the kids when newborn. Their first steps, first tooth, first day at school, last day at school. Photos of 18ths, 25ths, 40ths, 50ths and every birthday in between. Photos of holidays, food, friends. Photos of sisters, brothers, mum and dad. Loved ones. Lost ones.

The lost ones.

And that’s what we at Truprint find really hard to take too. Not pictures of loss. That’s part of being human. But pictures lost.

On old phones. On countless little memory cards scattered about the house. Or, perhaps, lost somewhere in the cloud, in the dark, never to see the light of day again. Maybe you’ve already stopped taking so many pictures because you can hear the cries of the ones you’ve not yet dealt with. Those moments are lost, too.

This is not a Scare Story. It’s a Take Care Story.

Imagine one day looking back through the album of your life, of pictures taken by you, of pictures taken of you, what will you see? More to the point, what will you hope to see? Because there’s nearly always a difference between what you wish for and what you get.

And what you might get, in the end, is… nothing.

Nothing because of an old obsolete memory card. Nothing because of a broken phone or hard drive. Nothing because of that lost cloud account. Or nothing, because technology has simply moved on without so much as a “bye” and a “so sorry for your loss”.

So, think on it. Are you right to place all of your trust in clouds? Or, any digital storage device? From where you stand they might look solid and dependable, but if you really get up amongst them and, more to the point, if you’re relying on them to support you when you get there, then you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Maybe take a leaf out of our customer, Diane’s, book and print… every, single photo:

You can’t reminisce over an old hard drive. You can’t feel part of a family, part of a community, part of a treasured collection of memory sticks. So, don’t stick your head in the cloud. Unless you intend to print it. Because, like we said, this is not a scare story. It’s a take care story.

Get out there. Keep taking those piccies. Store them safely. Keep a copy with us. But, if that caught moment means something, really means something, then print it. For your sake. It’s not truly preserved until it’s printed.

So, take a moment of your time and take care of it. Print it. Why not sign up and get 20 free prints on us to get you started? Twenty of your most precious moments. It’s so easy.

What took a life to make and moments to take, now takes seconds to create.

Try it. You might thank us one day.