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Life – Starring You

We can see the reviews now. Gritty. Real. Rewarding. Beyond 8K. In fact, it’s so far beyond 8K you can almost touch it, feel it, live it. And it’s not your usual story either. Whoever the writer was, they sure put the hours in for this one.

It’s so relatable it’s frightening. It’s so frightening it’s relatable. It promises glamour and delivers. It hints at horrors and shivers.

It’s an exciting, engaging, enjoyable roller-coaster of a ride. It’s a love-loss-laughter-life story all rolled into one.

Basically, it demands to be seen. The posters are everywhere. And it’s about time you finally saw it.

It’s Life – Starring You.

Do you wish certain moments in your life were bigger? Or that those captured moments actually looked as big as they felt?

Did you ever want to make a bigger deal out of something that you saw, or something that happened? Moments you were caught up in? Moments that advertised life to you in a way that it hadn’t done before, or since? No? Never considered it?

Introducing Bill Posters

Once upon a time, it was a huge thing to have posters on your bedroom walls. Remember? Perhaps you still have them somewhere? Popstars, film stars, sports stars, sports teams. Dramatic landscapes. Inspirational messages. They were on our walls because they meant something to us at times in our lives when we were searching for meaning.

Now, if you see them at all, they’re probably about films, video games or comic book characters. And they’re not seen in the amounts they used to be seen on our high streets either.

In the past, a poster’s reason to be was to advertise something, to bring something to your attention. It was designed to interrupt your vision and draw your eye into what it has to say. A poster communicates a message; either by use of picture or text, or more commonly both.

So it’s used when you have something you want the world to know. When the message you wish to convey is bigger than the mental image people may have of it. Or when you want that message to be seen and understood by as many people as possible.

Life Starring You

From the time of Shakespeare’s original plays right up until Toy Story 4. From safety advice to unsafe advice. From political parties to house parties. From the powder room to the board room. Posters have always been used to convey visual information in a larger format. And they’ve been used to sell. To sell something to someone. Which makes us think.

Have you ever thought of advertising yourself in this way? Probably not. But why not? We’re not suggesting you run down to your local high street and stick your poster-sized mug on every shop window and wall. Everybody knows Bill Posters will be prosecuted. But posters do have alternative uses outside of the advertising industry.

What if you were to deliberately bring back “poster vision” to your own home? What if you were to treat yourself, your moments, your favourite photos as an advertisement for your life? Like a Shakespearean play, Hollywood movie, personal manifesto/life message all rolled into one.

That would be different, wouldn’t it? In fact, that would be awesome. That really would be life starring you.

Supersize Me

In reality, you’d be surprised at just how little it costs to super-size an image or create a super-sized montage of images. All it takes is a suitable photo or photos, rich in detail and meaning, and for you to give it a go. They’re so simple to create and personalise online you could be starring in your own poster within minutes.

Your walls will thank you. Be careful though, your eyes may not. Grandad starring in The Modfather might be a poster too far. Just saying.

Still not convinced? Still not buying it? Well, it’s not about buying it’s about selling. Selling something to yourself for once.

An Idea

The world looks different seen through a larger window, and it looks magnificent closeup. There’s more detail, more information, more to learn. There’s more to take into consideration, more to remember, more to value. And that’s what a poster does and can do for you.

You shouldn’t have to go through life thinking all of your moments were small. Or, that they will never be as big as somebody else’s.

In the privacy of your own home, you can do what you want.

So go for it. Big yourself up. Go wide and wild. Stand tall. Advertise what you saw and tell the world that you were there. Play a starring role in your life for a change, not a bit part with a cast of millions.

Sell yourself. It’s your life. Love it. Large it up. Frame it.

Say it large. Say it loud. Print it proud.

Truprint – Poster Child of the Photo Printing Industry for nearly 40 years.