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The Top 10 Summer [Photo] Albums of our Time

The Album is back! It’s true. We delved deep into our photo archives and, just for you, we’ve chosen what we believe are the Top 10 Summer [photo] Albums of our time.

Frankly, there’s not much more we can say about these albums other than that they’re albums that make you feel; make you think; make you remember and make you believe.

They make you believe in life, in love, in yourself and others. And they make you believe that you could have made them too. Why?

Because these [photo] albums are timeless. They’re the sights and sounds of summers past. They’re memories of midsummer mayhem and heat-induced madness. They’re songs of summers gone by.

They’re also very personal. Importantly so. And, because of that, they’ll repay playing over again and again, and again. Quite simply, they’re a musical library for the eyes.

So what are we waiting for, let’s get to it?

10. The Journey by Journey by Journey: That might sound like an odd repetitive title for an album, but it gives us a vital clue about its theme. Travel – whether by land, sea or air. And the meaning? Blurred. Beginnings and endings, departures and arrivals and the mundane, monotonous, mechanical moments of movement in-between. Are they honestly that boring? Are they only a means to an end? No. It seems to us they’re also a metaphor for life. Why? Because all of those journeys led you to where you are now. Think about that and try not to be moved!

📸 Photo Credit: Geoff Dagger

9. Where are we? by Who are these people?: This album can seem a total shock at first. It’s disorientating and confusing. It’s unfamiliar territory. It’s foreign. But, eventually, towards the end, it feels like home. Almost. It’s a clever trick. Its message is this. Experience the unfamiliar. See what you’ve never seen before. Go where you’ve never gone. Be curious, and you’ll discover different. And, finally, make sure you preserve that difference. Remember it. Why? Because you may never see it again. Ever.

8. Unlocal Culture by Uncultured Club: Call that art? You wore what? You thought you’d show them how you do what back home? You ate what? Where? You just had to go there, didn’t you? Why, oh why? All important holiday questions that this album tries to answer. As you know though, they’re not answers a single album or holiday can provide. However, the hint is in the print and such places are always worth a revisit.

7. I’m Stuffed by The Button Poppers: It sounds like an album of regret. A self-indulgent, gluttonous waste of summertime. But, look carefully, and what you’ll discover is a dish of refined taste. A colourful collection of munchable moments that can bring back the full flavour of that summer holiday in one go. Exotic. Sensuous. Tasty. Easily digestible. Consider it a printable feast for your memory palette.

📸 Photo Credit: Hannah Prasai

6. Weather by Cats and Dogs: Sunburn and sunstroke. Windburnt and wind choked. Clouded skies and suntanned thighs. Summer holidays often see the full range of weather conditions. Likewise, this album is wet, windy, warm and wonderful. It’s also dry, dull, dark and dingy. It’s sunsets and sunrises. It’s dawn and dusk. It’s a musical report of atmospheric conditions in strange climes. Wait a minute. That sounds just like life. Watch out! It’s printing it down.

📸 Photo Credit: John Hamilton

5. Oh Dear Me by The Catastrophes: There is no such thing as a holiday. That’s the message brief and simple. Life does not give you time off. Your baggage follows you everywhere. Never work with children and animals. Put simply, “hope for the best, expect the worst.”  And be ready to capture it and print it as a reminder of when and where it all went wrong.

4. Life’s a Beach by The Sandy Shore: Oh, it certainly is! And, like footprints on the sand, these tracks lead everywhere and nowhere. It’s a beautiful album. It contains all the colours of the sea and all the colours of possibility too. It’s a thirst-quenching, toe-cooling, teeth-chattering dip into our relationship with the seaside. And, what it’s ultimately telling us is that no matter where you are in life, the tide will eventually turn. Plus, there’s water, water, everywhere, so don’t just not, PRINT.

📸 Photo Credit: Sofi Baynam

3. What a Picture! by Crash, Bang, Wallop: The title says it all. What you saw is what you felt. It might be a homage to the hungover. It could be a click-by-click trip through a night on the town. It might be a drunken digital dance until dawn. What we do know is that it’s a fun-filled album of endless entertainment. We say endless because those moments that you wished at the time would never end, now won’t. Just open up the sleeve and replay. Be there, feel there, again and again, and again.

2. True to Life by Truprint: For something that costs absolutely nothing, this is an album of immense value. There’s nothing plastic, nothing artificial, nothing dismally, digitally fake about this. It’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s you, it’s us. It makes a stand and says, “Be Real. Be Yourself.” And it says it loud and often. Sometimes, that’s the only way to get noticed. Sometimes, that’s the only way to be heard. Sometimes that’s the only way to be. Be you.

1. Relationships by We Are Family: Summer love. Summer loss. Friendship found. Friendship lost. Holiday romance. Holiday bromance. Holiday bezzies. Holiday fuzzies. Beginnings – because you’re there. Endings – because you’re not here. Hugs, cuddles, tickles and tears. This album has it all. When we look back in another ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred years, we do not doubt at all that this album will still be at No1. It’s not just a summer delight it’s an all-weather wonder. It’s not just human it’s all of humanity. It’s not just a masterpiece. It’s your masterpiece.

So, those were the Top 10 Summer [photo] Albums of our Time. We hope you liked them. They’re all available online at our website if you provide the photos. Think you could do better? Maybe you already have?

Let us know.

Truprint – Printing Songs of Summers Past