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True for Life, Not Just For…

Fancy a quick quiz? Tick all that apply. Answer openly and honestly. “Sometimes” is not an option.

Statement Answer
1) I inspire loyalty YES/NO
2) I am loyal myself YES/NO
3) I am loveable YES/NO
4) I find odd things loveable too YES/NO
5) I love unconditionally YES/NO
6) I am loved unconditionally YES/NO
7) I like plenty of treats to hand YES/NO
8) Being around me is rewarding YES/NO
9) I am a source of endless fascination YES/NO
10) Sometimes I just love playing NAUGHTY YES/NO

We could go on, but we’ll stop there. Before we get into trouble.

So, the results. Well, If you ticked “Yes” to the majority of the questions then… wow, you sound awesome. Look at you. Great going.

If not. If the majority of your answers were “No”, or a mixed bag, then….


Do not wander off into the comfortingly anonymous backwaters of the internet looking for solace.

Answer this question instead:

1) Do you currently own, or have you ever owned, a pet? YES/NO

Ok. Now, with that in mind, go back and honestly answer those questions again. We’ll give you a moment. Go on.

Really? 10 out of 10? All of you? Wow, you awesome quiz takers. You awesome people you. You awesome human beings. You awesome pet owners.

Now, quickly again, just for fun, answer this question:

Are you currently, or have you ever been, a pet? YES/NO

If you answered “Yes” to that question, please get in touch. There’s lots of money to be made.

Joking aside, if a pet could answer those questions, we suspect we’d have another perfect score on our hands. Some cats might struggle with question 2 but, that aside, what our quick quiz shows is simple.

Pet owners are weird.

Actually, because pet owners are human, it’s more like human beings are weird. Why?

📸 Photo Credit: Andrew Heaney

Because when judging ourselves on the basis of our relationship with other humans, many of us don’t score ourselves highly at all. Admit it. It was a bit of a struggle, wasn’t it?

Yet, throw our relationships with our pets into the mix and, woof, suddenly we’re a gift to all humankind.

Now there’s a hidden mirror for you

Look in that mirror. They say that many owners resemble their pets. If you answered the quiz both as a pet owner and as a pet, then, not only is that also weird, it goes to show what all experienced pet owners eventually come to realise.

The line between who is the owner and who is the pet disappears. It blurs.

📸 Photo Credit: Jacqueline Phillips

It becomes a true relationship. Unconditional. A relationship of equals. Well, reasonably equal. Nothing too much is required. Nothing too much is asked for. Nothing too much is taken. (We can hear some dog owners tutting now).

📸 Photo Credit: Many O’Neil

Most pets, most animals, do not have the motivation or desire, socially enforced, or otherwise, to be fake or artificial. Try getting a cat to conform to your social needs. We dare you. Let us know how you get on. It’s not in their true nature.

📸 Photo Credit: Dorothy Eyes

Play, warmth, shelter, food, love, companionship. These are the basic, simple, shared requirements that are important to them. Whether you’re a human pet owner, or a human-owned pet it’s the same. It’s just that pets never seem to forget it. Whereas we do.

A healthy relationship with a pet is healthy for us. It’s healthy for them. It just clicks. A healthy relationship with life is the same. It should just click.

Whatever pet you own, whoever is in charge, just enjoy it. Not only is it life-affirming, fun and good for us, it makes for some Printastic pet photos too.

📸 Photo Credit: Anita Thompson

Show us your Printastic beasts and where you found them. Keep sending your pet photos in. Where were you and what were they doing that made you tick “Yes” to those ten questions above.

Go on, humanity’s best friend. Fetch.

Off you go. And, while you’re there, run through these for us just for fun. Tickle all that apply.

Belly YES/NO

You’re doing that right now aren’t you?

See. Told you pet owners were weird.

Truprint: A Printastic Beast – You know where to find us.