Photo Prints,  True to Life

Truly Captured. Lovingly Printed.

Camera is on you. What do you do? Fake a smile? Fake a pose? Stage a move? Work that angle? Hide? Look away? Have you ever been caught having a “real” moment? Think back.

Surely there’s a picture of you somewhere that looks so natural, so “real”, that it stands out in your memory? Your curiosity is piqued. You can’t take your eyes off yourself, because you can’t believe life saw you like that. It’s not what you usually see. All your faults, blemishes, bad bits, seem to have just disappeared.

You’re standing your ground with everybody and everything in that photo. As an equal. You’re not ashamed. Or scared. Or disappointed. You like what you see.

Finally. For once. You’ve been…

Truly Captured

Yet, the chances are, it was a photo that you didn’t know was being taken at all. Isn’t that sad?

Sad that some of our most favourite photos are the ones we never even realised were being taken? Sad because, if we were aware, we would immediately be thinking “How can I appear a better version of myself?” How can I look “normal”?

And, what’s ironic, is that the whole time you’re thinking about getting it right, you’re getting it completely wrong.

The most memorable pictures you’ve ever seen are likely to be the truest. The most emotive. The one’s where there is so much said because there is so much unsaid. Fake doesn’t get in the way. No preconceptions. No self-consciousness. No hidden agenda. No stage. No filter. Just life lit up.

📸 Photo Credit: Jo Taylor

Drag out one of those photos if you have them. When life caught you true and truly unaware. Dig out the album with it in, or pull it up on your phone. Take a minute.

Fascinating, aren’t you? A moment of mystery. A story untold, unread, unseen, unheard. Beautiful, aren’t you? “Truly” beautiful.

Make Real the New Fake

So, here’s the thing. At Truprint, we love “true”.

We’ve said it many times before. We believe the truest version of something is the best version of it. That includes what you photograph. That includes you. Especially you. Because, it wouldn’t be right and it wouldn’t be “real” to do anything else. At least not with those important moments. It’s in our name. In the definition of the two words that comprise it. “True” and “Print”.

The camera changes people. The “spotlight” changes people. Try not to let it. It’s not its job.

And what price is on those moments? Who should you trust them with? Who’s been around the printing block? Who’s here still?

📸 Photo Credit: Andy Cook

Look. Let’s be honest. While we’re being “real” and all that. There are lots of other companies that do what we do.

That makes us glad. Because it means between us all we have your memories covered. If you want to preserve your most precious moments with someone else then that’s fine. We respect that. Go and get printing.

However, as you’re already here, why not think on this?

Lovingly Printed

Ask around. Look around. Ask your parents or grandparents if they know us. Or ask our customers. See what they have to say. Check out their reviews of us on Trustpilot. Maybe not all 11,000 of them, but have a good dig through them.

Before you do though, we have an apology to make.

We’re desperately sorry that only 85% of you rate us as ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’. Don’t get us wrong, 85% is still a five-star, first-class result. Most people would take it, because a five-star Trustpilot rating is very difficult to achieve – and we have one.

Real Photos. Real Moments. 📸

We believe we’ve put the tools together for you to upload, share, and gift your real moments. Technology allows you to capture those moments. Life has hopefully given you those moments. We have the skill, experience and technology to do them justice.

We love printing “true” moments. Real people doing real things. Like we’ve said, it’s in our name. It was when we started, it will be to the end. We have the latest tech. We know digital. We’ve been around the printing block. We know you. We’ve held your hand. And that of your parents and your grandparents.

For as long as life makes moments that deserve to be preserved we’ll try to be here. It’s not just whatever paper is made up of and the ink that prints it and the package it’s sent to you in.

We believe it’s about you and that moment. You and us in that moment. If that means something to you, then we’ll do our utmost to recapture it. Because it means the world to us. Simple.

Precious moments are life’s gift to you. Your photos are your gift to us and others but, most importantly, to yourself. Care for them. Share them. Gift them.

We’ve been preserving the nation’s memories for over 35 years. We can’t get better at our business, without your business. We can’t get better at loving what we do, without getting better at loving what you do. That’s why we quality check every one of your prints before we send them out. It irks us that we fail sometimes. We do make mistakes. We all do. But, hopefully, we have a common goal.

So, now you know us. Or do you? We’ve talked about our heritage, our pedigree, our history, our motivations, our values, our likes and dislikes.

We have the passion and the pedigree. You have the photo. Hopefully, you now know where the two meet. Where truth meets technology. What you saw made a little bit more.

We want your memories truly captured. We hope they’ll be lovingly preserved.

At least trust that, with us, they’ll be lovingly, truly printed. Truprint