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Do you, Truprint, take these summer photos to be…

It’s August. It’s early in the morning. The BIG DAY has arrived. You’re edgy and nervous. You’ve barely slept. You’ve been waiting for this day for so long now, and to think it’s finally here. It’s almost like a dream.

For the fifth time in as many minutes, you look out of the window at the sky. Blue and cloudless. A good sign. So many people have had their big day ruined by rain. Not you, though. Not so far.

Soon your closest friends will arrive. The people who you rely on most for support. The people who’ve always been there for you through good and bad.

All eyes will be on you. You know that. But you’re still determined to enjoy it. You just hope it all goes smoothly. Because a day like today does not always go to plan. You’re prepared for mishaps. You expect them. You just hope everyone involved has fun.

Let’s Do This

The doorbell rings clearly. Everything after is a blur. Time flies. There’s noise, bustle, commotion. Things are getting swiftly organised. Things are taken quickly out of your hands. Then, you’re there. You don’t remember how you got there, but all of a sudden you are. You’re there. At the big event itself.

The wait, the long wait, is finally over. And then the music starts. This is it. Here we go.

You take a deep breath. Then, slowly, confidently and as gracefully as you can, you start to walk. You’re almost dizzy with happiness. As people catch your eye you nod and smile. And then you see THEM. There they are… waiting.

📸 Photo Credit: Kellie McIntyre

You walk towards them as if you’re in a dream. There’s nothing and nobody else in the whole universe. Closer and closer you get until, eventually, you’re standing right next to them.

You can feel their warmth. You can almost taste your future happiness. You pause trying to take it all in. And then, with a smile, you slowly, tentatively, shyly, reach out a shaking hand… grab one and take a huge bite.

Wait… what? A bite? Why?

Well, because it’s August. It’s now lunchtime. It’s the big Summer Barbecue.

And they have KEBABS.

📸 Photo Credit: Jemma Webster

Picture your Perfect Summer

In the UK, August is a busy month.

Schools are shut. Suitcases are at the ready. On the calendar, the dates, the big events and the special occasions that have been marked in red for so long, are now finally getting ticked off:

  • The annual vacation. Tick.
  • The road/camping trip. Tick.
  • The music/beer festival. Tick.
  • The summer fete. Tick.
  • The summer barbecue. Tick.
  • The summer wedding. Tick.

And if it’s sunny? Even bigger tick.

📸 Photo Credit: Megan Walke

Socially, August has always been a popular month. In the UK, it’s now also the most popular month in which to get married. None of which is really surprising. Why?

Because a summer’s day is a day full of possibility. It’s a day to be out and about. A day to be packed to the roof rack with fun and celebration. A day for a hopeful union between fun and the weather. All in all, a perfect day for marriage.

More About the “Cheese” Than the Truprint

And, whatever we feel about the event itself, we have to admit that a long, beautiful August summer day can make things look and feel extra special.

There’s the glow of sunset and candlelight. There’s hot tasty food and tall cool drinks. There are even taller, cooler stories. And there’s warm light, merriment, goodwill and abundance to help it on its way. Lovely. At least it is if you remember one thing – to have fun.

Fun? That’s the easy part surely? Well… not always.

Big occasions, such as weddings, can sometimes seem overly serious. They become more about the event itself than the shared joy it contains. More about the staged. More of an act. More about the ceremony of it, than the celebration.

📸 Photo Credit: Barbara Moulton

Which is sad. Because it’s vitally important to remember that the “BIG Day”, any “BIG Day”, is also a celebration. A wedding is a “marriage ceremony” with a “wedding celebration” attached. That big summer barbecue is not just a “ceremonial get together” to be ticked off for another year, it’s a shared celebration of life in summer.

It’s social. It’s human. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Especially in the rain.

Plenty More Fish

If our lives only contained picture-perfect moments, then fine. Creating, observing and preserving those moments “better” may then have some justification. We can make it all about the ceremony and only the ceremony. But (and Instagrammers take note!), life does not contain only picture-perfect moments.

Life is more than a ceremony – and is far less serious.

📸 Photo Credit: Ailsa-Sheldon

We’ve said it before. Memorable moments are like fish. They shoal together. Yet, occasionally, one of them catches the light and, to our eye, becomes beautiful. It becomes a “perfect” specimen. What it doesn’t do is make the rest of the shoal any less beautiful, any less perfect, just because we can’t see them.

Perfect moments only stand out in the context of everything else. And it’s doing those other imperfect, true to life moments a huge disservice to deliberately exclude them from the picture. It’s the other moments surrounding, supporting, lifting and celebrating it that raise it above the mundane.

Just as a big eye-catching life event is raised to its loftier status not by the part you play, but by the moments supporting, lifting, and celebrating it too. It doesn’t stand alone. You do not stand alone. A single wave, no matter how tall, has a sea behind it. A sea of moments.

Our Proposal

Not every moment has to be picture perfect… because every moment already is. Just as not every perfect summer is made up of just sunny days. We need to find a way to light them all up. Then we’ll be truly dazzled.

Summer happens once a year. How many summers we each get to see? Who knows! Don’t live life in and under clouds. Rain can actually be a sign of good luck. Of good fortune. Of fun. So be brave. It’s summer. Don’t stand on ceremony. Get out there. Be a celebration and a marriage.

Your + self = Be yourself

Enjoy yourself. Be true to yourself. And take plenty of summer photos. Print your summer photos. Preserve your summer photos.

Capture life without filters. Make journeys without shade. Make a hopeful union of fun and the weather. But above all, make it a celebration. Make it a recognition of something perfectly imperfect trying to find a fit. Like a summer marriage maybe.

We’ll raise a glass to that. We’ll raise a kebab to that happy union anytime.

In fact, we’ll propose to it in pictures.

Will you, summer photos, take us, Truprint to be… 

Truprint: A Marriage Made in Devon