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Wish We Were There?

Let’s go on a road trip. Just you and us. The weather’s sunny and settled. Sea and skies are blue, enormous and inviting.

There’s an open road heading into lush, green countryside that just cries out to be explored. Yes… Why not? You pack the crisps and bottled water, we’ll get the sunnies.

It’s 1985. Wait, what… this isn’t a DeLorean we’re going in is it? Nope. It’s the Truprint Time-of-your-Life Mobile. But, don’t worry. It’ll be fun anyway. Pretend it’s a Pamper Van.

Everybody in? Seatbelts on?

Just for one minute, let’s imagine life as a journey. As a road trip from A to B. Picture this. It’s your birth. The start. That moment you’ve first pulled out into traffic.

There’s little you making your first journey home. Awww! Being home for the first time you’ll meet the family, have your first feed, first sleep, and receive life’s first gifts of warmth, love and shelter. Leave us your first little presents. Ewww!

Tara Reading
📸 Photo Credit; Tara Reading

Let’s move quickly through the gears.

We see your first steps, hear your first words, sing at your first birthday, meet your first friends. Then it’s your first day at pre-school and, in the blink of an iPhone, your first day at big school.

First love approaches. First loss shortly after no doubt. First holiday abroad. Hooray. First job. Booo!

Now let’s really motor.

First car. First home of your own. First child. Then, it’s their first day at school. Their first job. Your first grandchild. Yikes.

📸 Photo Credit: Debbie Delday

The scenery’s really flying past now.

In fact, life approaches and flies by with such relentless speed we can barely keep up until, hopefully in the far distant future and with a glorious sunset, the journey ends.

Finally, your faithful old vehicle has become vintage and exempt from road tax.

Were you there?

Not everybody will experience those same moments. Not everybody follows the same road to the same destinations.

But, the point is, they’re examples of moments where the “real” you meets “real” life as we know it. It’s every introduction to something new. All the challenges. All the milestones, crossroads and landmarks of your journey through life. They approach, you acknowledge them and they pass by. Just like a road trip.

📸 Photo Credit: Audrey O’Bryne

It’s not just about those big ‘showy’ moments though. They’re noisy and obvious. Everybody meets them somewhere along the road. It’s also about the little moments. The pit stops and pull-ins. The wrong turns. The sad and happy accidents. The times you just felt like idling with the other people you met along the way.

All those little moments that seemed so insignificant and unworthy of attention at the time, you just glanced at them and moved on. Like shadows on a windscreen, you simply looked through them to the road ahead. It’s about those moments too. Especially those moments. Why?

Remember this?

Because you don’t get from A to B in giant steps. You can’t do it by bypassing everything else in between. And, you almost never do it alone.

It’s a cliché. But it’s true. Life is a journey we share, with bad roads and bad weather, with open roads and miles of sky. With wind in your hair. Sunlight warm on your skin. Flies in your teeth. And, you can’t ever hope to capture – on film, or digitally – the whole story of what made moments special. Only you have access to those memories and emotions.

📸 Photo Credit: Gemma Thompson

But, at Truprint, we believe that your pictures of those moments will be the keys that will help you unlock them again someday. If you need to, and if you have them, we believe you can take out your Photo Prints or Photo Book and, in no time at all, you can be back there again.

Back in 1985 if you want. Or 2001. Or 2017.

All thanks to your Truprint Time-of-your-Life Mobile. Faster than a DeLorean. And with better production values.

Did you see that?

If the whole thing sounds to you like journeying back on an abandoned road to a deserted petrol station, complete with broken drinks machine and fly-ridden pasties, then you’re mistaken. That place closed down in the early ‘90s.

It’s not about visiting an empty past and getting stuck there. It’s not about not moving on. It’s just about revisiting the past. Think of it like finding the keys to your first car, remembering the great journeys you shared together, then jumping in your new one and driving back there again just because.

📸 Photo Credit: Sonia Murray

At Truprint, we strongly believe that pictures can console, support, educate. We believe the future is made more navigable because of what we record and share. And, we believe it’s important that we all record and share it. We’ve said it before. You shouldn’t look for a map in life. You don’t know where you’re going. But, you should definitely make a map of where you’ve been.

And, for almost 40 years, we’ve been helping you print and preserve those maps.

Are we there yet?

You can’t buy time, it’s a gift. With a no return policy. You decide its contents. You decide its worth. Its value may stay hidden until the very end. But, understand this.

Whether you’ve just arrived, or whether you’re just about to depart on the next stage of your journey, we promise to do everything we possibly can to help you find that hidden value.

If you ever wished we were there, we were. If you want us to be there now, we are.

And, if you want us to share that future road trip with you… well… why not? You pack the crisps and bottled water, we’ll get the sunnies.

Truprint: Your life under development.