A fleet of paper ships in a drainpipe
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April – Dreams

I had a novel idea earlier this year. After the obligatory over-eating of cheese over the Christmas and New Year period, I found myself having some very vivid ‘cheese dreams’. You know the ones; the dreams you bore your spouse with in the morning,

“You were there, but it wasn’t you…”

and that sort of nonsense.

So I decided to turn these abstract visions into real-world art to adorn my walls with. Now you can see for yourself how truly crazy my subconscious is (if only my waking mind was so creative):

A flock of birds flying in a heart shape*

A flock of birds flying in a heart shape

*I won’t lie, GIMP editing software (available for free online) helped shape the birds to make this picture possible

A fleet of paper ships sailing through a drainpipe

A fleet of paper ships in a drainpipe

A forest where trees grew from every direction, including downwards from the heavens

trees downwards from the heavens

A hole in a tree where lightbulbs grew

lightbulbs in a hole in a tree

You get the idea; strange stuff.

If you don’t have vivid dreams such as these, you can still create an eye-catching composition to hang in your home. Here I have made an abstruse artwork that is reminiscent of a dream without bringing about the night-sweats.

Psychedelic circles

To create your own version of this piece, you will need coloured sweets, a plastic food container, water and cooking oil.

First, fill the plastic pot with the water and a few drops of the cooking oil. Allow the oil to settle into bubbles on the surface. Spread the sweets out underneath this mixture as shown below and shoot away at the glorious display

coloured sweets

Final image

Once you’ve made your dream into a stunning still-life, head to www.truprint.co.uk and get ordering! A unique Acrylic print is a great choice and available from just £9.99. You can’t say fairer than that.

Now you can not only describe your dreams to your nearest and dearest, you can show them as well. How blessed they really are to have you.

Pictures are article by Rachael Amos Photography