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April Photo Challenge – Special Effects

We have another challenge for you in April – and this time we are looking for you to get creative with your shots, and perhaps have a little play about with your phones, photographic editors, and pictures generally.

The theme for this month is:


That will give you lots of opportunities to either include pictures of anything that offers the theme, or to play about with some of your pictures and add your own effects.

Here is the post to share your photos on Facebook:

So that’s a rap – our March challenge is over, and now we have a new challenge for you all. SPECIAL EFFECTS. We would…

Posted by on Thursday, March 31, 2016


Come on in – we’d love to have you. :-D

Before we give you a little advice on this, lets take a look at last month’s challenge and mention the three pictures that we liked the most from our CHILL theme.

The first photo is this adorable picture from Kris Andrew of their dog. I am a sucker for a pet shot, and the expression here is just perfect for the theme. Thanks so so much for sharing with us.

The second choice from our collection of shots is Emma Catt with her “Are Ewe Chilly?” photograph. Nice use of the pun there, and the sheep even looks like its having a bit of a break too.

The final shot is from Sharon Pollard, which is definitely have a “chill” with her babies on the lawn here. A perfect representation of the theme, we just love it.

Thanks again to everyone that took part, do nip over to the Facebook page to see all of the photos.

We have published our new photo challenge on the blog for March for you all – moving on from sleep we have the theme of…

Posted by on Saturday, February 27, 2016


For this month’s SPECIAL EFFECTS theme, we thought we would help you out my linking to some great resources for playing with your photos. Aside from the obvious Photobox, why not take a look at some of these Apps and websites, and have fun with those photos:

  • Picmonkey; this is a great site for messing about with those photos, and there is a free version as well, so even better,
  • Polarr; this is a newish site, and allows for some simple edits. There is a free version, but the more complex one is available for a simple one off, rather than monthly fee, and its not too expensive either so would suit many budget,
  • Enlight; this is my app of choice for editing my photos on the go. It is simple to use, and incredibly elegant. Well worth the £2.49 charge for it on the iOS
  • Canva; sometimes it is hard to believe that Canva does so much, yet is free. It is easy to use, and has some great templates to use too.

I hope that those apps prove useful in the challenge for you this month. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. It is going to be so much fun to see the results of your endeavours! We will share our favourite three on the blog next month as always.

Take care,