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Personalised Christmas Cards: Christmas Cheer is on the Cards!

For me, Christmas has always been more of a “didn’t you always love last-minute petrol station gloves?” kind of an affair. Judging by the faces of my nearest and dearest every Christmas morning, however, my tactic is getting a little tedious for all involved. So here’s how I’m bringing my own creative spark to the holidays this year with some ideas for personalised Christmas cards.

Personalised Christmas Cards

I have always envied those slightly obsessive-compulsive friends of mine who have every seasonal detail meticulously planned out by mid-November and have every present wrapped come December 1st. I plan to join them and get creative this year!

Home-Made Pine Cone Characters

It’s a (relatively) well-known fact that pine cones are a great way to express your personality!

So why not replicate someone you love on their card this year? Here, I have made my father and I into adorable pine-people. That ought to soften the blow of the inevitably underwhelming gift.

From this…

To this….

The great thing about making your own decorations is that you get to keep the finished product afterwards. Use them around the house to confuse/delight pets and loved ones!

Capturing Seasonal Weather

If you’re anything like me, you can often be found trawling through the weather forecast searching for the next snowy day! Even if you’re not like me (which I couldn’t possibly blame you for), you can still use holiday weather to create beautiful, unique Personalised Christmas cards.

You can take a picture like this…

…and turn it into this…

This picture was taken on one of the rare occasions when the forecast was accurate.

Photographing Holiday Commuters

Few things fill me with Christmas spirit more than the homeward-bound seasonal car journey. Now you can represent all the fun and fury of holiday driving with a tricky traffic shot.

This is one for the pro photographers among us. Use a long exposure to capture the light trails of passing revellers.

Capturing these kinds of pictures…

…and putting them together creates a wonderful effect on your Personalised Christmas cards.

Unique Thank You Cards

As a child, the post-Christmas comedown was undoubtedly always worsened by the lengthy list of thank you card recipients.

So why not turn this festive chore into a fun-filled activity with the family?

Here I have used leftover wrapping paper to create seasonal masterpieces; great fun and environmentally friendly!

Here is a little idea for you…

This looks great on one of the Personalised Christmas Cards we have…

Or you could even use a beloved family pet to convey the message, as my mut Barkley demonstrates.

Doesn’t he look cute?

He fits pretty well on Personalised Christmas Cards as well, don’t you think?

So with that little lot under your belt, you can create sensational season’s greetings that bring a smile to even the grumpiest of family members (we all know who our own are). Luckily for those of us who are a tad technologically-challenged, Truprint’s card designing software is very easy to use. Simply upload your photos to the site and let your creativity flow!

In the meantime, I’ve got some Christmas shopping to be avoiding. Happy holidays, everyone.

Article and pictures by Rachael Broadhurst / Martian Arts Images

Rachael Broadhurst is the founder of bespoke photography service, Martian Arts Images. Specialising in weddings, event photography and exhibition art pieces, Rachael was the Official Photographer of the South West Wedding Awards 2015 and has featured in Dream Weddings Magazine and various other publications. She has also worked with such names as 36 Crazyfists and The Overtones.

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